Power sea city is modern Christian evolution

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Christian evolution 1832 (Qing Daoguang 12 years) on July 14, prussian person Guo Shili (A Gutzlaff of · of C · F) have missionary activity to power sea from rubber administrative division, people of ① power sea is put to its have wariness, most person does not accept his to publicize reading matter, he fails to establish church organization. 1892 (Qing Guangxu 18 years) brothers can send flower person from skerry cathedral much grandson (Dawson of · of Mr · J) , Keyes (Dr · Case) come power sea is missionary, ② comes together still have Wilson of · of J · fertile heart (Wilson of · of J · Ward) . The 2nd year, send rare Er of · of E · H again (Hill of · of E · H) come power sea. From this, power sea just has formal church organization. After China of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 fails, power sea masses is right imperialism very detest, initiative begin turn over ocean to teach a fight. Demolished the building of missionary 1896, hit run and imprisoned establish the owner that leases an agree. The 2nd year the city zone makes an appointment with more than 700 masses, reach the door window of one missionary house cover with tiles to be bungled again destroy. Before till England is strong,hiring Weihaiwei, christian has no big activity again. 1898 (smooth mood 24 years) , british emperor consortium arrives from Tai'an group person power sea is missionary. ③ 1937, ling Enhui dissension gives a subgroup to meet. Such, christian shares 4 poor meetings early or late in power sea, former each other not subordination. They build cathedral, propagandist place, school in all 7 place, most flower follower of a religion amounts to 800 more than person. After Pacific Ocean war erupts, foreign missionary some is arrested by the Japanese army or renvoi, some goes back to the motherland automatically. At this moment, the Jin Jianting that installing Ligantang (Chinese) the curator that with other 3 difference meet talks things over jointly, establish power sea to defend Christian combination to always be met. Bogus commissioner brighting ● bright for reputation chairman, jin Jianting is total the president of an association or society, this meeting is control of institute of head of day puppet army or soldier then.

After power sea was liberated 1945, nazarene some quits church organization, some undertaking " 3 innovate oneself " , to 1951, proper motion disintegrate.

Brothers of Christ churchly activity is met (say comforter is met again) 1892, much grandson, Keyes (have later call its pray doctor or pray priest) establish church in power sea above all; 1904, case thunder sanded Mu (Gresham of · of A · S, female, hua Minghan loves run) , Luo Te (Rout of · of A · B, female, hua Mingdi is willing) in dock entrance east activate tells book hall elementary school. 1912, they set elementary school of Dong Zhitang's woman in Qi Jia Tuan again (today dock school is in) . Before long, it is in view village (belong to flourish to become a county today) set propagandist place to be in, missionary is rice at the family name (Smith of · of J of · of Mrs · M) ; In Liu Gong the island sets cathedral to be in, missionary is Bai Shoucai (Whitelave of · of Mr · A) . To 1934, already changed in do missionary work of the hall that say a book for Ke Yade (Blarke of · of G of · of Mr · A) . 1901, this one difference can have follower of a religion 83 people, added 1934 to 700 more than person. During this, this meeting still sets church to imprint in power sea press, publish calendar of good news single-page calendar, clever grain every year, return Cheng Yinwei sea to defend the presswork of commissioner office, send out to local dweller preach handbill and other religion reader.
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