In historical smoke cloud " calm far " naval vessel

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1878, japan borrows " Liu ball incident " inbreak Chinese Taiwan, between one night, frail clear dynasty saw the hungry wolf with the long already peek outside the door, the sea prevents a problem to mention unprecedented height accordingly. 1880, clear government is determined mend the fold after a sheep is lost, make latter-day navy. When those, the force of one country buys the pour into of clear dynasty even if of corrupt incapacity naval vessel also have too many problems to deal with, have to collect selling an official is sufficient 1.7 million two silver serve as boat endowment.

Self-reliant at that time the England that is maritime overlord, cost of its ship vessel is strange tall and not allow to discuss. The dockyard of clang of Er of German bend over that of one mind should build world top-ranking warship and hopes thereby with one action is famed, came to an agreement with China 1881 then, not hesitate sustain losses in business the half price with England bear go to " calm far " naval vessel. In building, li Hongzhang of chancellery of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning sends the 7 person such as Liu Buchan to be stationed in factory inspect to build to Germany. Si Mai of generation of German king Williams, premier ining order to is right " calm far " of naval vessel build take seriously unusually, often personally bother about. "Calm far " when naval vessel is designed, centered at that time the most advanced armour naval vessel on the world -- , England " Yingfulai ceases white " date and Germany " Sakesen " two naval vessel of date advantage, the equipment that open system is thick 30 centimeters steely and compound armor, so thick armour is in any firepower penetrate hard at that time. Ministry of naval vessel bow develops part of what can strike heavy enemy war ship, bold design is returned on naval vessel embarking torpedo boat, let can be in only at that time the small-sized torpedo boat of coastal cruise can follow naval vessel go out for a battle, once produce naval battle, after these small-sized torpedo boat are put down, can be all round ship vessel auxiliary fight, expanded effectively " calm far " the attack limits of naval vessel and fighting capacity. The design of a lot of unprecedented, make " calm far " naval vessel is born namely prestige Yuan Yang, your world navy is fixed eyes upon, people call his " the warship that never sinks " , " all over the world's first-class armour naval vessel " . 1884 " calm far " naval vessel is finishing. 1885, bear wears those who protect a country to look again " calm far " naval vessel went back to the motherland. Of the same age, navy of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning holds water in Weihaiwei, navy public place is set in Liu Gong island, "Calm far " become admiral of navy of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning. Power sea also because of the Asia the first fleet and famed world.

1886, division of water of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning " calm far " Nagasaki of Japan of visit waiting for naval vessel, occupying speculation is to be paint of routine of armour naval vessel, with antirust corrode. Because China still does not have the dock that can accommodate armour naval vessel at that time, head for Japan so. "Calm far " the firm armour gigantic artillery piece that waits for naval vessel appears, cause Japanese the government and the public instantly a panic. Of the shock, the Japanese government of have ulterior motives borrows machine is a flourish of trumpets " Chinese menace is talked " , japan person suffers from then on " fear deciding far disease " . Say as it is said, want adult to say only in Japan at that time sentence " calm far came " , cry the child that do keeps silent immediately. Henceforth, japan is determined with " calm far " it is fictitious enemy, made so called " 3 scene naval vessel " , the prepare for battle, the scrape that grind a knife. 10 years, "Calm far " rate fleet visits and other places of Japan, Korea, Singapore, Ma Liujia, holothurian sprain several times, fleet of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning deters one party, arrived not to have battle almost and deeply condition.
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