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Sino-British " hire Weihaiwei only " after signing, before both sides decides in associated delimit committee collate decides border, flower just must not protect exercise in power sea influence. Because the England at that time prepares to be not worth, also not was eager to pulling Guan Weihai formally to defend, be late to just began to differentiate attrib borderly and hire era is the ground to take-over in April 1990 however. During this, flower just intensify undertaking each investigate an activity on one hand, mix for delimit take-over formally preparation year, intensify the bargaining with Shandong local government on the other hand, honest is sufficient local government offers advantage for its investigation, signal rental case local lawsuit government office and churchyard common people. But the Zhan Hede of armour midday, flower inbreak in succession, Serious become acute provincial nation is contradictory, make folk not only with justice the Chou Yang that is banner with the group destroys foreign tide grows in intensity, and aroused Shandong to comparative the uneasiness of gentry of lawsuit of a batch of places and anger. The Zhang Rumei that holds the post of Shandong make one's rounds to stroke early or late at that time, to bring up virtuous wait for a person the manner to big powers person be inspected than Luo Chou and strong. Because this England to Weihaiwei is colonial,authorities feels malcontent. If allow to go down by condition development,they realize, will naturally give in the future take-over to bring a trouble with wealth tax administration, then in bypass square, on March 12, 1899 do sth without authorization issues official notice in power sea churchyard, prohibit Xiang Guoguan of the common people inside the bound manages provisions of pay of government office pay taxes, government office of the lawsuit in prohibiting acts in all administration of churchyard, judicatory. Ying Yan's act suffers the boycott of local lawsuit gentry at once, shunt excitation has the serious allergy of common people.

Element of power sea people has the mutinous aggression, glorious tradition that preserves the home to defend a country. Jia Wuzhi battle, its kill experience of power sea common people, the military affairs that experienced the Japanese army 3 years again subsequently is regnant, old nowadays hate not disappear, add again complain newly. "Article, flourish two counties all without exception is aghast, and be delimited the villager inside the bound, more sorrowful sorrowful anxiety, be like the person that children loses rely on turn over in one's mind. "Be worth at that time justice it is with circular motion since rise suddenly of Shandong inland bitter fleabane, justice begin to be in with round propaganda paterial churchyard is wide mix for paste send out, justice the fight with the group justice be in folk wide to circulate. Power sea delimit becomes the main topic that people discusses streets and lanes, field edge of a field, the masses assembly between dorp and squire get together consecutive. The indignant mood of exceeding uneasiness diffuses between churchyard people, long accumulate the anti-imperialist at the bosom to hate already hard check, "Their basically mix public purpose is " of Englishman of gout each other. In patriotic squire guide below, the ordinary common people that Popular feeling ran high eventually ground of honor permits no turning back went to arm counteractive road, opened power sea with blood and life 20 worlds resist of ab extra aggression solemn and stirring and prelusive.
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