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Numerous historical data makes clear, hire Zhan Weihai to defend what ever stimulated British business circles greatly really at that time to expand desire, they hope to use pair of Weihaiwei to have jurisdictional advantage to enlarge its business interest very much. Feburary 1902, " peaceful interview person newspaper " the comment that makes to this can represent very much at that time the manner of British business circles: "As Hong Kong it is Hua Na mart is same, the mart that Weihaiwei becomes China north in future is not impossible absolutely. Hong Kong by occupational the burden that no use is considered as in a lot of years after, although its in some way is inferior to the needle,power sea is defended, but it already became the world to go up one of haven of the biggest business. "Be in China emission English the press also add fuel to the fire, think the commercial foreground of power sea a light.

After Weihaiwei is hired to occupy, western businessman is taken in dock build a trading company of a batch of foreign trade. (1904)

English Deng agreed 1898 · carat is overcome (Duncan Clark) in Liu Gong the island established Kang Laiyang goes (D, clark&Co. ) , this is power sea latter-day foreign firm of the first foreign capital. Father is taken agree to was born at British Scotland in November 1856. Because father dies early, hire younger sister with 7 to kiss for foster mother, deng Ken boyhood began to work career, after coming to China, take agree in succession hold post is mixed at Shanghai Zhi Fu custom. Because participate in Si Tanfei of " of deliverance London merchantman,date of Er heart " died 1892 passenger, be awarded Victoria medal by British government. Second year in April, deng Ken resigns the job of custom, the change that choose the home is gone to power sea, begin free-standing firm to run trade.

Kang Laiyang travel is inchoate and main undertake the government purchase for British garrison and colonial authorities. After power sea trade and tourism are arisen, also should expand to civil domain subsequently all right, on travel, water the respect such as public traffic, estate and education has investment. After entering 30 age, kang Laiyang goes manage gradually hasten is conservative, outside eliminating hotel job, other business is main halt. In flower hire a times, as a result of its brand old, seniority, the concern of supply and marketing that just owns stability with lawsuit and manage postal this one important and municipal orgnaization, in Weihaiwei consequently each economy is mixed important place is had in social activity. In trade respect, kang Laiyang goes advocate battalion exports business, it owns numerous shop and warehouse in Liu fair island and commercial port area, eliminate an import outside a large number of run-of-mill commodity, still import the important goods and materials such as coal. In the meantime, it still is power sea all the time the greatest war purchases business, especially annual summer all logistics supply British far east business. Be in business politics respect, it is Hong Kong general post office the sole agent in power sea, fair island of Liu of be in charge of and commercial port area two place are post-office, undertook the whole thing the postal business of whole area. In travel field, kang Laiyang is power sea protects owner of the oldest hotel all right. The carat gram restaurant that it established in Liu fair island 1898 and later period take-over the kingly restaurant on land (hind say east building restaurant) be highest on dimensions and class, on Liu Gong island, the factory mixes the soda water that it still has one point day to produce ability to amount to 18 thousand bottles to produce biscuit hourly 454 kilograms bakery. On traffic, kang Laiyang runs company of water supply ship and barge company all right, it is only come power of all kinds ship provides fresh water, rent to tourist and merchantman houseboat reachs barge. It still is built two manage special travel commercial and transportation center, it is the earliest be in power the trading company that begins professional work of the ferry on water. In addition, still should manage fruit vegetables plantation all right, plant only fruit of foreign greens snake melon, the product is divided outside supplying this locality market, the part is exported external. 1904, kang Laiyang established on Liu Gong island all right a kingly school, recruit Chinese student, main and tuitional English and commercial courses. Regard this as the author of travel and main operator, deng Ken is in power sea each municipal with mass organizations activity in very active also. He is the important member of colonial authorities advisory body not only, and had held the position of main job in the mass organizations such as a few clubs, casino. Tai Maoyang goes (Lawers&Clark.Co) also be latter-day power sea is famous flower endowment one of foreign firm, its patriarch is Ernest Clark (Emest Clark) , all should set a firm in and other places of Shanghai, Hong Kong all right. The business after travel was set in Weihaiwei on March 17, 1899 development is rapid, the place is increasingly prominent. In flower hire period, the money power that Tai Maoyang goes and scope of operations all reside power sea first of each foreign firm. Its politics energy also cannot small inspect, it governed on somebody's behalf for colonial authorities partial economy supervises work, acted as almost the part of authorities economy spokesman, the economic annals that colonial authorities reports British government every year also goes by this completely make. On business, tai Maoyang basically is to fight a representative all right, it is the financial business that acting flower business assembles abundant bank to be defended in power sea, responsible memory serves. 2 it is acting remote antiquity and blue chimney the shipping Wu of two shipping companies, the run-of-mill commodity such as entrance foreign cloth, rice, flour, soya-bean cake, cigarette, made of baked clay iron, medicines and chemical reagents, the sea product such as the pignut that outputs Weihaiwei at the same time, peanut oil and dried shrimps, holothurian, salty fish. 3 it is acting lawsuit square real estate trades item. All lawsuit produce Weihaiwei at that time trade to all need the Weihaiwei via this subordinate to landed limited company opens a lawsuit to upright and deal with concerned formalities. Want start industrial, also want above all contributive buy open right from this. 4 it is water of acting the city zone on communal carry and earthnut exports business. Tai Maoyang ever defended power sea buy to the firm of barge is organized all right, establish company of a barge, unite a representative to attemper by its, of goods and materials of all imports and exports assemble and unassemble lighterage all unites collection by this. It still manages earthnut to export the firm of business to organize consortium of earthnut a person of same business, controlled this Weihaiwei to export the product administrative power with the largest amount. Outside dividing acting professional work, tai Maoyang goes or power sea protects number also is not the industrial investment business with the biggest dimensions at the same time more. Flower the landed limited company that the main building that leases inchoate Weihaiwei goes by this completely almost bear build. It still is mixed in half moon bay power one belt builds thalassic seaside 12 are away for the summer holidays foreign room, offer the go on a tour that choose the home only or like solitary tourist long-term or short-term v/arc rent land or a house for subletting, should sit all right collect middleman's fee. Fu Weiyang is in all right power practice time is later, but the time that put add is not short. Its patriarch Shao Defu (W.E.Southcout) writes down foreign firm to be in charge of importing business in old brand Ying Ziren formerly, 1916 no longer hold the post later power free-standing firm, advocate battalion sells goods on a commission basis foreign commodity and exit pignut. This acting professional work is very extensive, it is flower business is predicted inside the door is foreign alkaline limited company, beautiful foreign firm of Shang Lixing of limited company of Shang Deshi ancient kerosene, law and Bureau of Mines opening Luan a few more domestic and international famous manufacturer is in power agent. In the meantime, it returns acting flower limited company of insurance of extreme misery of company of Shang Yaohua glass, security personnel, always the relevant business of limited company of soap of China of pen of company of record of limited company of Ming Renshou insurance, Colombia. The goods that its agency exports basically is pignut, also be socks of power sea pongee, silk, stannum at the same time set tea service and woodcarving tea service and woodcarving to spend the special local product such as the boat to taste what taste with handicraft the biggest exporter.
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