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Weihaiwei was hired to occupy by England 1898, bound of your England religion does it one brace up, they think this action conduces to obstacle of cleanup do missionary work. Subsequently, christian meeting is in power established China emperor consortium and Pu Cimao elder brother meets Si Di two church organization, built An Ligan church 1898. Later, in Liu Gong and other places of the village in island, view, saline beach village builds Zhanmusi the cathedral such as religious service of cathedral, combination and propagandist place 4 place. Christ church interior returns church of have as an attached institution to imprint press, presswork every year good news single-page calendar and bear imprint presswork of colonial authorities official business, in the meantime, still call in in summertime flower naval vessel during, offer for Ying Jian presswork service.

Buddhist Digang cardinal (in front of is left 5) with group photo of teachers and students of elementary school of missonary school sea star. (20 centuries 30 time)

After afterwards christian is met, catholic square aid meets France following sb's heels again each and come. 1900, arhat of law book Abba is smooth by Catholic Yantai east condition total hall comes to power sea, in the Cang Fang in the city alley did to make an appointment with school of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument, began missionary activity. 1902, after arhat light answers Yantai, lang Binghua of flower book Abba comes power chair educational administration. Of the same age buys the land in trigonometry garden hall of All Souls'Day of 35 mus of build and school of sea star of have as an attached institution. Was in starfish school again 1908 side buys courtyard of ground build nun on the west (hind instead goddess courtyard) with star female officer. Power sea deanery is independent 1931. Built in Lu stone stage 1935 wide benevolence courtyard. After power sea deanery is independent, limits expands ceaselessly. Except All Souls'Day hall, goddess was built inside city courtyard, wide outside benevolence courtyard, still early or late in the country in beach of forge iron village, salt, view, Lin Jiayuan and Mou Ping, article is ascended, the country that flourish becomes builds All Souls'Day hall, bethel more than 10 place. Came 1931 1936 is the flourishing period with power Catholic sea.

To eliminate Christian, Catholic with the estrangement between tradition of Chinese thought culture and misunderstanding, in the development of sale channel, make the embroider industry of power sea grows very quickly rise, make the essential industry of export trade for a time.

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