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After England hires Zhan Weihai, the climate and other natural phenomena of a season of power sea is consuetudinary produced new change, of a few wests when year old consuetudinary, as Hesperian into be stationed in and pass into power sea, and with each passing day the system is changed. The holiday component that the sea of the 3rd law power that promulgated 1903 according to colonial government protects is legal and communal holiday and bank holiday two kinds, specific date decides by colonial government and the form with governmental newspaper releases: Commissioner can set holiday for public sector at any time, have the legal authority that appoints special date to regard public project as holiday or bank holiday at any time. Communal holiday of Weihaiwei is the western religion such as Advent of christmas, paschal, comforter, Sunday more kind the great fete such as day of holiday and kingly birthday, kingly Coronation Day, Victoria; Bank holiday is divided again for legal bank holiday and blame legal bank holiday, specific date is not fixed, agree not completely also with communal holiday. The Hesperian festival in Weihaiwei is consuetudinary in, the most important, have most representative is by colony the government appears personally all sorts of royal celebration activities of the organization, this kind of activity joins staff numerous, the ceremony is grand, become halt power a serious content in sexual life of foreigner climate and other natural phenomena of a season. After the the First World War ends, armistice fete is become one great should be in charge of mobile day. Colonial government enlists in army for Ceng Zaiwei and be in one battle old the British officers and soldiers that die built monument. According to the practice with current England, annual on November 11 morning 1 when, before calling together all circles, go to read aloud a tower to hold grieve over ceremony. Playing British national anthem " Tian Youwu king " hind, bell of all dichotomy of stand in silent tribute, represent colonial government Jing Xianhua to encircle by commissioner. Inside this time, all overland traffic car inside leased territory stop to move 2 minutes, maritime ship although but as usual moves, but all ship vessel all must cry flute indicates mourning. Compare with photograph of personage of estate of business of a few gentry, mixed western climate and other natural phenomena of a season is consuetudinary defend ordinary common people to power sea with grand and lively celebration activity and character, just add novelty in vain just, place advocates generally and was not accepted by them. Of Weihaiwei close conservative, because British colonist is consuetudinary to the tradition with social structure do his utmost to protect and get be strengtheninged ceaselessly. In daily life and custom customarily, common people weighs the inspected traditional red-letter day that remains a Chinese most, be like the Spring Festival, festival of lanterns, in Feburary 2, dragon boat festival, the Mid-autumn Festival, dried meat section and 8 lunar off year. A variety of folk-custom recreational activities during the festival, although the respect waits to appear a little pallet and disgraceful in facilities facilities, but do however formal diversity, vivid and dramatic, its are lively all sorts of celebration activities that degree and people participate in degree to want to exceed colonial authorities to hold far. Opera show is flower hire period most the literary activity that gets the people to love. In the opera of the show, the Beijing opera of those godly drive ghost and morality of ethics of tradition of announce gas advocate took dominant place. The city zone led the play team of a lot of half profession sexes, be called by common people " of " wild desk. The older village in the country also musical instrument of provide for oneself, prop and dress, organize team of a few spare shows. Whenever hill is met,rain of the temple fair, traditional festival, pray that try a look, Ju Jiaxi is celebrated, firm start business and season of rural winter spare time, these show teams are active be in urban and rural everywhere, show one's skill is displayed art.

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