Walk into emerald green building of annulus of 500 years of vicissitudes of life

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Somebody thinks: If dedicated at " park " this entirely reads aloud, the park of annulus emerald green building on so real significance is formed in fact 1931, because say strictly, before this over there only " building " , do not have " field " . This is a kind of extremely professional view. Along this one view, park of emerald green building of our explore grommet came 1931 with respect to behoove restrospect to 1978 (the time that organization of government of power sea people weighs Xiu Huancui building before ground level city) the scenery that once had existed to pass with display in the park, and even the figure that visits to pass and pass in this activity here. These scene and character are more than it is some kind of ornament in a garden, its meaning more depend on them the reticent and deep narrate of contemporary to power sea history. To one party landscape, among them all existence are representing a kind of simple and honest and sonorous voice.

Annulus is emerald green upstairs set fire prevention 瞭 to visit a station, buy alarm bell, the affection that receive ammunition beats a clock, represent corresponding fire alarm district with knock check the number: Attack Zhong Yisheng, for east a mountainous area affection having fire; Double hit area of two battalion after be; Area of 3 north that it is a city... it is the annulus emerald green building when this shows of public security meaning in its churchyard one spot.

Below tower of annulus emerald green building, namely the east, set to announce the correct time prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, cried at 12 o'clock midday everyday prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan, sonic boom all directions, mechanism comes off work, the school classeses are over, the dweller has a meal, it is with this artillery piece accurate, so of power sea person for " midday prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan " . Barrel of midday artillery piece a meter how long, backfill gunpowder, twist with medicine ignite. Announce the correct time in order to prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan, in the whole nation at that time,

See a park slant from upstairs southeast a few, namely present zoo there, have one pool, the name is " lotus bay " , power sea is listed when " 8 great respect " one of. Cistern diameter amounts to ten meters or so (also someone says to have 30 meters) , stone build by laying bricks or stones, water is extremely extremely deep clear. Plant inside the pool lotus lotus root, summer lotus blossoms, bright and beautiful scale swims, if drawing a bit is not exaggerative,say the United States. Chi Pan is cultivated weeping willow, the house that set a bird is bought again after, deserve to have sit chair, bookman refined scholar has more come this drinking idle appraise person.

Later is Japanese army embezzlement power sea. Power sea people fell in the leader of Communist Party the Eight Route Army 1945, drove away Japanese devil, obtained first time to liberate. But back-to-back Kuomintang is entered at after this again make power sea, minitary force of bilateral 1947 section is a bound with boreal city wall, "Outside encircling inner lane " launch seesaw battle, without the person still interest swims what lotus bay, lotus bay is discarded gradually then. War and beautiful scenery cannot coexist.
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