Li Dianqing: Good man carries bandit of day of gun beat back

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Li Dianqing, this year 78 years old, flourish becomes city person. Joined the army 1945, ceng Ren 49 army battalion of 145 division guard assistant of the deputy military supplies that join rank. Answered a place from unit be transferred to civilian work 1957, hold post becomes bureau of city irrigation works at flourish, retired 1984, live in flourish to press down cattail head village into city cliff head now. He attends the commando that fight day to arm when 18 years old, participated in early or late capture dragon needs island and recover to seek smooth city to wait to fight to day.

On July 7 morning, the reporter will to cattail head village interview Li Dianqing old person. In tell about rise when the war of resistance against aggression, past that attacks day of enemy, the mood of the old person is rising, clarity of train of thought.

Can't bear ride roughshod over rising attend a war

Li Dianqing old person year young when, live in former flourish to press down village of berth Xi Ya into prefectural vulgar island. This villager wind is honest, the villager lives stand aloof from the worldly affairs close the life. However, of a flock of devil arms break into, those who broke village is halcyon.

Memory says Li Dianqing, the devil army near quarter at mops up greatly with respect to go to the countryside easily. These beast commit all manners of crimes, property of domestic animals of a house owned by a citizen of baked wheaten cake, loot, evil kills a woman to wait, be troubled by completely in a state of anxiety of village will of people. Clear age of moment plum hall is then small still, in clean-out that starts to the village in devil, his saw with one's own eyes witnesses opening of arms of a devil in " prattle " crying in disorder, the bayonet since end is inserted into the chest of a villager. Pull out when bayonet after coming, big blood incarnadine the ground. Of devil arms atrocious the deep-rooted hostility that evoked whole village person, also make Li Dianqing realizes, join rank of war of resistance against aggression only in, ability Koes ride overhead Japan devil, ability gets peaceful life.

At the beginning of 1945, li Dianqing attended the commando fighting day of vulgar island place to arm when. The old person says, with the village youth of a lot of warm blood is at that time below the appeal of the Chinese Communist, take a weapon, rise of beat back devil bloody and regnant.

Chief of a tribe of deadly enemy of blast of night raid foothold

At the beginning of 1945, in the armed that fight day serious blow falls, invade song of Hunan of face of power day Kou Si, be forced in the foothold that island of beard of harbor of Wei Jun of sea of Yu Wei of withdraw into passive defence and skerry, dragon isolates twice.

Japanese devil needs the be stationed on the island in dragon the maniple with an excellent equipment, main fortified point is built in south below insular hill, long removed a many meters 20 tall large blockhouse, how is there big gun of searchlight and heavy machine gun, little steel above, door peripheral has mobile abatis, and be in haven anchor two gunboat.
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