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Liu Zhaoqing, unripe 1926, flourish presses down a city into hill into city east Guo Jiacun's person, became the puppet on Liu Gong island 1944 " Hua Beiwei sea defends naval school " the 9th period student, will attend uprise to join the Eight Route Army in November in those days, got hurt 1945 retire.

Flourish presses down a city into hill into city east Guo Jiacun has an old person of 80 years old, be called Liu Zhaoqing. Because of him double foot does not have toe, ever was made fun of to call by local " bound feet " . One ever called him in those days " bound feet " it is after child child is grown after the special experience that is informed him, ever celebrated old person earnest apology to Liu million. The old person has attended original Liu Zhaoqing in those days navy of bogus of Liu Gong island uprises.

Be cheated to join the army

1944, below Chinese Communist leader fight day of armed work up to expand, because the Japanese Invading Army wants to transfer battlefield of Pacific Ocean of reinforce of partial minitary force, the essence of bark of Japanese army command with insufficient military strength defends puppet government enlarge to enrol partial navy.

Be in charge of the puppet army or soldier of recruit soldiers, with " salary is high, eating tube is full, still can acquire the technology such as nautical, firearm, turbine... " etc fair-spoken cheat youth of society of a few unwitting and the student enrollment that just graduated. Cong Rongcheng does vivid Liu Zhaoqing to was cheated to join the army with father to Beijing at that time, became the puppet that is located in Liu Gong island to go up " Hua Beiwei sea defends naval school " the 9th period a student. This year, liu Zhaoqing is 19 years old.

In those days Chun Xiazhi is handed in, the member that Liu million celebrates this to approve new learning comes to Liu Gong island. Bogus " Hua Beiwei sea defends naval school " common calls training camp. At that time, besides training camp, navy of bogus having bark still is stationed in on Liu fair island China north wants navy of harbor headquarters, Japan to coach the ministry. Right now Liu Gong island, nominal seniors office or officer is bark bogus navy China north wants Bao Yimin of harbor headquarters commander, but what the palm controls real power still is Japanese.

New student life is drab and as dry as a chip, ferial in do not allow to ambulate at will, want to stay in training camp besides training. The major officer of training camp and Japanese navy coach the Japanese of the ministry is new to these student demand is slashing, new student should have a bit trouble only, can be scolded to take a beating. And Bi Kunshan of Zheng Daoji and coach monitor is opposite the team leader of group of training camp guarder at that time new student care has add, with new student people become one with, very deep impression left in memory of this member that in Liu Zhaoqing this approves new learning.

New student endures the torments of hunger even. They every meal basically is black steamed bread, steamed bread of corn, pickles and food boiling water. Without giving thought to,return with respect to this full, just ate normally, train a little while hungry. And what the Japanese on the island and officers of puppet army or soldier take is white steamed bread and rice, they are in charge of the dress warmly and ear one's fill of new student far from.
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