Power sea city 51 golden weeks travelled 2007 brief (the 4th period)

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Now is " 51 " the 4th day of the golden week, it is international youth day. Weather as before the fine is good, climate lukewarm bright is delightful, it is the wedding day of go on a journey. Come today the amount of the tourist of the our city held the summit yesterday, each main condition area selects whole town and urban ave lane parks car of full other place. Wen Shuang's fine day is angry, sunny beautiful day, also aroused the desire that short line of this locality citizen travels, they or carry close belt friend, or accompany group play, or lift the home to be the same as happy, or give presents parents, adopt a day to swim, home of close outing, fishing swims, farmhouse swims, the park is recreational swimming means, make the recreational travel of suburbs of power sea city and park unusual showing tremendous enthusiasm, bathhouse of seawater of area of area of area of scene of female immortal top, scene of holy water view, scene of boreal sea wind, international, power inside the urban district such as park of emerald green building of park of abroad beach, power sea, annulus, maritime park each scene area, park, person wave is moved.

According to statistic, whole today town welcomes a visitor in all 269 thousand person-time, travel income two hundred and twenty-six million five hundred and ten thousand yuan, compare respectively the corresponding period grew last year 22.5% with 25.7% .

This year " 51 " 4 days come our city field presents 3 apparent characteristics: It is fishing home swims, farmhouse swims hot golden week. During the golden week, a few coastal fishing village of our city roll out " fishing home swims " , farmhouse rolls out " farmhouse swims " travel project greeted numerous visitor. In fishing village of garden of peach of Jing Zicun of Tuan of bayou fishing village, Sun Jia, skerry, breast hill of Home Shan Datao, tiger, tourists eat Yu Jiayan, stay in fishing home room, participate in the picnic on the boat, go angling, drive the project such as the sea, experience in the activity and appreciate culture of fishing home folk-custom. Bayou village rolled out fishing home to eat, maritime go angling, bank angles, give the amuse oneself project such as barbecue of bonfire of altitude basket, seaside, make travel agent is booked during the golden week this year reach drive oneself swim business is clearer than in former years grow in quantity, bed appears the circumstance that demand exceeds supply. From recieve a circumstance to look, the tourist basically comes from guest of and other places of lane of rich of Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Heibei, Henan, Jinan, Zi, Wei. In the Huang Zhen austral hill of big canopy of cherry of mountain villa of Wen Dengqing dragon, boundary stone, breast village of Home Chen station, in buccal hill beauty spot, also greeted a batch of visitors in another batch of cities. The cherry with pluck mature in the orchard, collect in the woods run the egg below pheasant, milk when in the field that raise a cattle labour... experience farmhouse life lets come from the tourists in the city hilarious. Boundary stone presses down one cherry big canopy one morning time welcomes a visitor many 300. 2 it is to drive oneself swim the impetus that continues to keep exuberant. Drive oneself tourist retention period is lengthened, swim Cheng freedom chooses, spending increases. They like beauty spot of the North sea especially, power the area of open type situation such as bathhouse of abroad beach, seawater, scene is pure and fresh and natural, drive pass in and out is convenient; The new condition area that establishment of bigger, form a complete set perfects strength of a few conduct propaganda, drive oneself tourist amount amplitude is bigger. A few days come, the other place that power sea urban district sees 351 group, 67 group at any time drives oneself group. Among them of the province city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Heibei, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Hubei, Anhui be in the majority, the car of provincial and other city is occupied nearly 3 into. The designation of public graphic symbol such as the oriented directive card between area of the urban district, scene is increasing, in to drive oneself the tourist was offerred convenient while, also establish image of scene area oneself. 3 it is travel scene area answer ability of market of golden week travel apparent dam is expensive. Since be being executed from the golden week, each scene area from unaware at first to now already handy. Before the section sufficient preparation, measure reachs the designated position during the golden week, make scene area sells in Wu of dredge of travel safety, passenger flow, ticket, the respect such as festal activity arrangement is well-ordered. Fair island of travel commercial and transportation center, Liu reads extensively hill of area of mouth of hill of bare of garden, skerry, Rong Chengxi glow, breast breeds hill travel goes vacationing greatly the scene area such as the area is running establishment of system, form a complete set, service advanced concept introduces on the level, can better get used to travel market to develop a tendency, portion is occupied to be increased gradually in market of golden week travel. Especially scene area pays attention to conduct propaganda, develop oneself characteristic landscape actively, saving inside and outside famous degree rise gradually.
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