Vice-governor just benefit civilian comes power survey opens to the outside worl

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On May 17, 18 days, vice-governor just benefit civilian comes power survey opens to the outside world and travel works.

Be in power during, just hill of square of garden of culture of the city of trade of international of hair of for a long time that benefit civilian inspected lacteal hill early or late, Fu Rudong sea, silver-colored beach, big breast is recreational travel goes vacationing garden of industry of area, Taiwan, civil scenery of travel of hill of the Nanhai new developed area that enter, Bible scenic spot developing zone of spot of section of peach of Shanying of Yu of area new program, elder brother, Wen Dengjing aid, article ascends hill of industrial garden, 蔄 to press down Korea industry garden, garden of power sea industry and flourish weigh labour shipbuilding into SamSung. Every reach one point, just benefit civilian listens to a report seriously, understand relevant situation carefully, and the success that in recent years to the our city the development of tourism gains gives height the opinion.

Listening to Comrade Cui Yuechen the introduction that in recent years about the our city economic society develops a case and Comrade Wang Peiting open to the outside world about the our city after the report that reachs travel job, just benefit civilian points out, should expand adamantinely open, develop in order to open hurried reform, hurried, drive economic society good rapid development. Should offer province government " good word pawn, very medium beg fast " development asks to carry out each job in.

Just benefit civilian emphasizes, should develop the belt of tourism adequately to move action, do make strong travel industry greatly, expand environmental advantage translate into the dominant position further, should have done the following works: It is farther the authorized strength that enhances travel industry to develop a program and perfect. Do well between city and city and the place inside city belongs to prefectural urban district between join. 2 it is to advance construction of tourism priority discipline further. The project such as garden of preserve one's health of ground of blessing of hill of the area of Fu Rudong seascape of lacteal hill, big breast, extensive of overall feeling imposing manner grand, scale is very large. Next, should be in do well while travel project is built, the establishment of form a complete set of area of scene of farther aggrandizement travel is built. 3 it is system of management of further innovation travel and mechanism. 4 it is to increase travel to publicize strength further. Should avoid " concentrate on one thing only " propagandist means, unified pack, unified recommend, stress distinguishing feature. Point out as day of Han should be faced for power sea, face Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, develop high-end tourism energetically. Power sea is travel destination city, want to increase strength further on construction of stereo transportation network, want to consider to develop You Lun project especially, in " maritime travel " the title is captured as soon as possible on development.
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