Power sea is seleted city of circuitry of Olympic Games travel

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Recently, the reporter understands from city tourism bureau, be in what just end " 2007 China (Qingdao) Olympic Games and travel country forum " on, 3 ground become power sea and Yantai, Qingdao " coast of Qi Lu gold swims " city of circuitry of Olympic Games travel.

Bureau of the tourism that occupy town staff member introduction, be seleted the meaning of city of circuitry of Olympic Games travel to depend on, go to Qingdao to watch the tourist of Olympic Games match at the appointed time, will billabong goes sightseeing to our city travel, this offers a chance for the development of our city tourism. A few days ago, department of our city travel already began to begin to prepare, begin work of early days survey actively, make relevant plan, lend tourism of this farther stimulative our city better rapidder progress.

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