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Expand a demand to get used to tourism, stimulative tourism good develop quickly again, begin deep high grade and subtle change service and " civilization power sea, sincere letter travels " construction activity, the service of personnel of tourist guide of normative travel agent asks, the member that raise tourist guide person explains level and practice operation technical ability, establish the good figure of tourist guide personnel. Basis " administration of tourist guide personnel implements measure " concerned regulation, city tourism bureau in May 19, those who handle mastery of a skill or technique is carry out to groom before hillock of 20 days of member that organize conduct a sightseeing tour of whole town of first phase.

Playing groomed range this is: Qualification of achievement of exam of qualification of countrywide tourist guide attends before December 31, 2006, obtain letter of tourist guide qualification and the tourist guide personnel that application IC blocks; Turn into the tourist guide personnel that application IC blocks by provincial town; Qualified certificate has not apply IC card and each tourism school, travel agent to have no the personnel of qualificatory certificate; The relevant personnel that prepares 7 years to attend qualification of countrywide tourist guide to take an exam signs up of one's own accord attend, in all 281 ginseng example, achieve the history again new tall, among them the our city obtains letter of tourist guide qualification 245 people; By other province city turns into 31 people; Prepared to take an examination 2007 5 people.

Groom content is main with Liu Gong courtyard of island, law China, east have hill of hill of hilltop, big breast, Kun Yu hill, Bible to wait for scene area to be a delegate, still introduced general situation of power sea city during transit, travel of section of Wen Dengying peach, silver-colored beach goes vacationing demonstrative dot of travel of area, industry and agriculture, the our city such as bayou fish village's substantial travel natural resources; Held in garden of preserve one's health of ground of blessing of big breast hill 19 days night with " cultivated tourism, make an appointment to breed greatly hill " the beach that gives priority to a problem amuses oneself bonfire evening party, attend groom tourist guide member appearance in succession display art.

Second this grooms, take theory and the kind that practice ties, undertake the spot sets an example on the spot explain groom, normative to the tourist guide operation, tourist guide serves the member that provide provincial and seasoned tutor and whole nation of power sea city, outstanding tourist guide arrangement of circuitry of skill, travel, on the way the introduction, tourist attraction explains, the respect such as accommodation arrangement undertakes coaching integratedly grooming, make all student accrual bandit shallow, student people the necessity that before realising hillock adequately, grooms and importance, through grooming the thought got ascensive, the action received a standard, knowledge got abundance, determination makes positive contribution for the development of travel career.
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