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Since this year, we are guidance with scientific progress view, closely around " make Oriental and happy coast, construction travel goes vacationing base " overall objective, advantage of resource of base oneself upon, according to " unified program, cent pace is carried out; Unite a requirement, classification construction; Unite a concept, each have distinguishing feature; Unite guidance, enrol business separately " rudder, exert oneself advances product structure to optimize upgrade. Whole town plans to build, in build and enrol business project to achieve 29, always invest 22.2 billion yuan. Among them, in build, draft 23 to build a project, 6 projects investment exceeds 1 billion yuan, 17 projects exceed 500 million yuan, travel project construction appears good the good the look of things of rapid development.

One, take travel project seriously to engineer originality. Engineering originality is the first working procedure that the project builds, it is decision project success crucial. To ensure project withstand market examines, competitive, have economic benefits, vitality is long, on concoctive originality, project unit takes seriously highly, be willing to part with or use spends time, be willing to part with or use spends energy, be willing to part with or use is thrown greatly. Flourish becomes very n/COL the head of a family group, flourish the travel plan company that travel of rich harbor of company of group of Cheng Jinghai fishery, power sea developed the unit such as the company to invite domestic and international Gao Shuiping is opposite green island lake, raft mountain villa of hill, 9 dragon lies fallow go vacationing the project such as the center. Among them, group of fishery of Rong Chengjing sea and Zhejiang foresight group raft hill scene area travels to developed overall plan originality integratedly to reach unanimous opinion, assure the quality of the project from fountainhead.

2, make distinguishing feature, transition of travel product structure upgrades. In build, newly-built travel project, rely on the resource at destination and environmental advantage, it is with the market oriented, travel of outstanding high end, characteristic travels, product structure is ceaseless transition upgrades. It is pace of development of hot spring travel is accelerated. Natural resources of 8 place hot spring has 5 place to enter materiality to run level. The hot spring of day wash one's hair that always invests 600 million yuan goes vacationing village first phase project the end of the year will be initial this year build; The village of hot spring of sounds of nature that invests 500 million yuan and the countryside sea hot spring that invest 400 million yuan go vacationing the village already completed a program; The power sea Xin Dongyang that invests 800 million yuan breathes out travel of thunder soup hot spring is recreational go vacationing the center already was signed about. 2 it is recreational go vacationing travel makes dominant product. Rely on the high grade resource such as our city sunshine, seawater, island, pine forest, outstanding and recreational, go vacationing, cheerful, loosen, the contemporary travel function such as preserve one's health, development is recreational go vacationing travel product. If garden of preserve one's health of ground of blessing of big breast hill, blessing is hill of 嵎 of 岠 of hill of garden of culture of the East China Sea, breast, Oriental flexibly mountain villa of international city, 9 dragon is recreational go vacationing line of sea of annulus of travel of center, the North sea, lie fallow in order to make go vacationing travel product goes well for the project of the target. 3 it is strength of development of marine travel project is increased.
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