City tourism bureau begins class A the work is investigated at the beginning of

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To strengthen pair of class A further travel scene area manages kimono Wu to work, stimulative scene area takes grade of scene area quality seriously to standardize construction and standardization management, assure quality of brand of area of scene of class A travel, the basis saves tourism bureau " the announcement that works about beginning review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court of district of class A scene " requirement, july 31-8 month 2 days, city tourism bureau travels to the 3A above inside check limits scene area undertook checking.

Toilet of area of center of the mark setting that the key of this second examination is travel scene area, tourist, scene, guide quality of Wu of kimono of safety of label, travel, shopping establishment, environmental protection to wait.

From the spot examination circumstance looks, major condition area is in management, strict according to " of grade of quality of travel scene area delimit dispenses assess " national level, promote the Wu of environmental quality kimono of scene area quality ceaselessly, establish image of good brand of grade of quality of travel scene area. The service facilities that area of scene of Liu fair island perfected tourist center further and service function, new standard made scene division guide see a picture, provide service of speech tourist guide for the tourist, right facilities of individual meal service has reasonable position inside the area, improve meal environment. The foreign language that museum of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 marks in scene area contrasts on, added Russian content, offerred for Russia tourist convenient. But in individual situation area, tourist center facilities is not perfect, guide sanitation of label inadequacy, environment facilities of not ideal, service does not deserve to cover and scene area explains non-standard, person to change a service not to reach the designated position originally wait for a phenomenon to still exist.

Put the issue that be in in the light of individual situation area, team of inspection of city tourism bureau put forward to rectify and reform an opinion, demand situation area according to rectify and reform an opinion, make fulfil rectify and reform measure, clutch rectify and reform, increase scene area quality and administrative job in the round, receives those who visit team of tourism bureau inspection check is checked and accept.

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