Highway of seaside travel landscape built before the bottom 2010 full-length 417

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Cao Shiyan) project of highway of landscape of travel of power sea seaside will finish road link line basically before to build 2008, the program the course built entirely before the bottom 2010. This was yesterday the reporter plans to carry out the know on circumstance and informal discussion of program of annulus sea highway from complete province highway.

Highway of landscape of travel of power sea seaside includes 8 line of a link, auxiliary lines and 5 branch line, full-length 417 kilometers. Project project includes to grow meeting mouth island of especially big bridge, gravelstone comes Yuan Yao paragraph rebuild demonstrative project, Yuan Yao comes Wang Jiacun paragraph rebuild stockaded village reachs lacteal mountain pass southeast hill of demonstrative project, breast paragraph rebuild the project. Predict to built program line entirely before the bottom 2010. After listening to the report that omits 17 ground city to plan to carry out a circumstance first half of the year completely, representing attending the meeting saw the construction case of highway of landscape of travel of power sea seaside, design of program of highway of the total of great capacity that save annulus had have an informal discussion.

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