Passenger ticket of the train since September 6 is opened to booking period shor

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Geng Nan) yesterday, the reporter understands from power sea railway station, begin from September 6, the train passenger ticket of hall of carry out ticket and sale of dot of be commissioned to sell sth of each train passenger ticket opens to booking power sea railway station period will undertake be adjustmented considerably.

Chief expresses related room of passenger transport of power sea railway station, begin from September 6, buy train of group of motor-car of head of nonlocal D word and nonstop train passenger ticket in power sea open to booking period by shift to an earlier date so 20 days put on sale is adjusted to shift to an earlier date 10 days put on sale; Of the road network of car of hair of ground of other this locality, different ticket open to booking period also by shift to an earlier date so 20 days instead of put on sale shifts to an earlier date 12 days put on sale. In addition the reporter still understands, will rise on August 31, power sea comes the N386 of Jinan second time of station of train arrival Jinan will by original 16 when adjust 25 minutes for 17 when 03 minutes, and the time that send a car still is daily 7 when 21 minutes changeless, predict to stand each on the way arrival time will have adjust accordingly, be about to give the citizen of travel to correct bit of information alertly please.

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