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Total lunar eclipse: 7 when 10 cent, 7 when 30 minutes, 8 when 02 minutes, 8 when 26 minutes

7 when 24 minutes of total lunar eclipse panoramic

The child uses astronomy in observatory binoculars is watched " red moon "

Zhang Li of Yao Aini of □ chief correspondent's reporter like that / article reporter Zou Gong is in relief Yu Qibo / pursue

"Look quickly, gules moon came out! " yesterday 19 when make, in the eager expectation of people, the gules full moon of round of unconscious veil appears in Oriental sky eventually. That day, bank city citizen comes to the urban district in succession each are big the park is admired in all " red moon " , observatory of minutes of hill is big school also greeted fan of many 300 astronomy.

10 thousand people admire happy park in all " red moon "

"Miss be about today when after 4 years! " the view scene platform around door of happy park happiness, li Jin of 8 years old judge say. The sun set that day, grandma and Li Jin judge came to happy park, begin to keep watch sky, wait to view and admire total lunar eclipse. Yesterday evening, urban happiness park was become bank city citizen keeps watch " red moon " optimal choice.

19 when 11 minutes, the moon of keep out a long time begins to take spring and had been given by earthly umbra. But in people look, right now by whole " devour " moon, it seems that very as similar as the moon that hides at the back of cloud layer at ordinary times, outline is like be not now now, the ray is a little dim, what only differs is, "Red moon " give trifling bronze-coloured fully.

"I know lunar eclipse, it is day dog swallowed the moon readily, was kicked by agalloch eaglewood next one foot, be forced to spit came. " south the word of Yang Qipeng's child attracted hill elementary school all round the look of numerous citizen. That day to see total lunar eclipse, yang Qipeng and father return the house that lived once upon a time designedly, find that pair to buy the Gaobei binoculars that answer from Russia. "I look again! " Yang Qipeng has grabbed binoculars from father hand ceaselessly.

"The moon begins to show light! " 19 when 26 minutes, be in a shadow originally moon of medium, dim nonluminous, bottom brim showed the curl that showing bright ray suddenly. "Too beautiful! " people exclamations in succession. After Mr Chen that is in happy park sees this one marvellous spectacle, call family instantly: "Fast come out to see lunar eclipse! "

That evening happy park, everywhere is lifting the camera, mobile phone is busy people that take a picture it is thus clear that. And stone gentleman is fully armed more that evening, took Gaobei binoculars and tripod, solemning is professional personage is in enjoy the glorious full moon. Of course, the Gaobei binoculars of stone gentleman also lets numerous citizen big feast one's eyes on, saw process of clearer than naked eye lunar eclipse fourth contact from which. 20 when 10 minutes, defend the Yao Jia Yi Xiaopeng friend beside the binoculars of stone gentleman all the time, saw the moon that has been close to a circle very much gladly from inside binoculars: "Remain right upside cent to have little only dark. "
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