First half of the 800 million tourists Weihai Tourism

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July 8, Weihai tourism news from the National Bureau of Investigation Team was informed that the first six months of this year, Weihai 38 tourist attractions, received a total number of domestic tourists reached 8,009,800, 8,299,725,000 yuan of tourism revenue.

Viagra for the first half to the number of domestic tourists, and substantial growth in revenue, Weihai Municipal Bureau of Tourism Tourism Promotion Division Huke Zhang said that in recent years, such as CCTV Weihai in the mainstream media put a lot of videos, "traveled the seas, or Weihai "has spread north and south, Weihai's popularity and reputation has been further improved, more and more tourists choose to Weihai tourism, holiday; In addition, the first half of the city of Weihai in China, Xian Gu and other scenic spots have opened the top, large Rushan "Happy to dash forward" and "treasure island" will be settled in the island of Liu are greatly attracted tourists to Granville tourism. Huke Zhang predicted that July and August is about to usher in the golden season of tourism in Weihai, so the third quarter to the number of tourists and tourism revenue Viagra also considerable.

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