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Tourism environment is good, visitors have the final say! The eve of National Day holiday, Yongjia, Wenzhou Net Holiday Office launched the "Please friends from Nanxi Tourism prick" activities. Deadline October 15, Yongjia Holiday Office received a total of five users of the trip Travel complaints, there were friends in the Wimbledon Forum recommendations message more than 30. It is reported that in the "User prick" campaign, 5 User response problem is that households and business area of occupational literacy problems, such as craft workers hold row delay time, a large private drawing tourists if the rock village fortune teller, Lion Rock Area was soliciting and so on. These complaints have been resolved now. In addition, licensing fees for the parking situation in the contents have been removed, through surveys, should be local villagers, time to tear up the night, and now tell Pricing , The next step to restore the car park charges a license, the villagers by the village committee to strengthen education. Message in the users, some tourism development for the Nanxi recommendations, but also some of the problem, the problems exposed during travel. User "Duolaimi 123" that should be regular travel to Wenzhou up. Network Friends of the "Jiang Nan idlers" is a travel enthusiast, and he said it was time meaningful discussion and support. There are suggestions that users, in order to solicit acts of each other, should put forward a specialty Nanxi street. "Some scenic charge Chaos, some random parking spaces, boat or raft was aging, less water project development, food specialty stores much, should strengthen management. " This reporter has learned the past few years, Nanxi scenic arbitrary charges, soliciting the growing phenomena, but also triggered a dozen press events, also caused a strong reaction among many users. After that, Yongjia county government attaches great importance to And the introduction of "Nanxi tourist and market management approach", Tourism remediation activities also carried out some time ago, against the arbitrary collection of fees behavior. To further promote tourism regulation also invited friends, "prick", it is learned took , The departments concerned will continue to carry out a series of remodeling events Nanxi tourism image.

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