Xinchang tourism jumped on the "city express"

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November 18, 2010 China International Tourism Trade Fair in Shanghai New International Expo Center opened, said at a news conference, the Yangtze Delta tourism product "the most popular 2010 Awards" The results came out, Xinchang, "Millennium the cradle of cultures in eastern Zhejiang Pearl "from the 96 candidate cities will emerge and successfully selected the 20 most popular theme of the Yangtze River Delta Tour of the Expo demonstration. It is reported that Hsin Chong is the only award of Shaoxing county (city). After the closing of the World Expo, the Shanghai Tourism Bureau in conjunction with Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau, Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau, start "theme of the Yangtze River Delta Tour of the Expo 2010 the most popular prize," the assessment work. Comprehensive assessment of the work of newspapers, networks of tourists and tourism experts, the assessment of voting advice, according to awareness, reputation, service quality, the number of tourists and other evaluation, the final assessment, including "Pearl of the Millennium culture gave birth to the east of Zhejiang (Xinchang)" "Past and Present of a metropolis (Shanghai Shiliupu / Huangpu River)", "the back of a dynasty (Republic of China in cultural / Xiaoling / Ming City Wall / temples)," "harmonious ecological new countryside (Ningbo Fenghua Tengtou Village) "," Huangshan Guilaibukan (Huangshan World Natural and Cultural Heritage) ", etc., the 20 most popular theme of the Yangtze River Delta Tour of the Expo demonstration. Insiders pointed out that the "Most Popular Award 2010" is Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces and Tourism Bureau for the first time, "city tourism" as the theme of the establishment of the regional award, which marks the birth of the Yangtze River Delta regional cooperation in tourism has entered a joint integration tourism resources, tourism product development, foster tourism brand, marketing tourism market and share the results of tourism, "city time" a new stage.

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