Development of tourism economy with local characteristics Laishui fire up the t

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Early winter, the three slope town Laishui County in Baoding, a unique hotel next to a farm. "Shan Lihong" peasant boss Liu Lina, said: "In past years over the National Day, basically there would be no visitors, can not the same as this year, one weekend, visitors to many of Beijing and Tianjin, art institutions are also many teachers and students to paint. Roughly figured, this year I netted over 110,000 yuan shop can do. " Three slope town located in the state-level key scenic spots Yesanpo hinterland, a beautiful scenery. Beautiful scenery of the natural environment will attract a large number of foreign tourists each year to the tourism, leisure, local farmers but also to provide a rare opportunity for development. In recent years, with the Yesanpo booming tourism industry, tourists come here year after year, especially in the tourist season, the total of more than million tourists each day, the town to tour the main hospital building farm in full swing. "Reflects environment Everyday drinking water by water", the three slope town party committee and government use of this unique tourism resources, and mobilize and encourage the local people firmly establish the integrity of civilized business awareness and develop tourist attractions economy with local characteristics of the farm run hotels, tourists, and actively carry out construction of the village folk, and formulated a series of preferential policies offered Nongjiale hotels, restaurants, tourism business operators to land, capital and policy preferences. In addition, the town within the town to vigorously carry out the "Closing, raising forest grazing, afforestation" activities, the emergence of a more village, the next village, Gou Coal, Liu River, pine port 7 as the representative of Folk Village Travel, Tourism economic income accounting for the town for more than half of total revenue. Cao pure three-slope town party secretary Zhang said proudly: "Now our hotel where there were more than 500 farm, employing nearly 4,000 billion yuan and annual output value, a number of farmers engaged in the fortunes of the tourism operators."

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