Actively striving for the national AAA Yu Clan Jiuzai class tourist attraction

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Recently, the Provincial Tourism Bureau of the A-level scenic spot inspection team assessed the town of my old house YU Fan 3A tourist attraction for the creation of national inspection evaluation. Create a work area and the achievements fully affirmed and highly appraised. YU Fan old house is the national cultural heritage, in my town down the mountain village. The representatives of the Department of Architecture Ningbo to Shanghai Qing Yu consistent business to create a fortune in his hometown after the Chinese and Western garden, the whole architecture combines traditional Chinese architecture and Western art in one, large-scale, unique style, superb technology, represents the construction process can then to achieve a higher level, is a successful example of modern Chinese and Western architecture. In recent years, the construction of scenic Yu Clan old house fast, fierce momentum of development and achieved great results, especially in the A-level scenic area to create work, Zhuade Jin, put in place. Area was officially launched early last year from the state 3A class tourist attractions to create a total investment of nearly 200 million yuan, the area of security systems, guidance signs, parking lots, visitor centers and other facilities to further improve the area identification system, an increase of tourism staff, making travel environment has been greatly improved, enhancing the scenic quality, to create a AAA-level scenic spot to lay a solid foundation.
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