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Qingdao - power sea - Yantai - a fabled abode of immortals - Dalian - brigade ar

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The journey:
: Qingdao receives a group, urban district of You Qing island: Hill of landing stage, signal, by ship maritime sightseeing, 8 close greatly, 54 square, music squareLive Qingdao
D2: Qingdao -- power sea swims Lao hill: Too stone of stone old person, frog, clear palace (provide for oneself) , sculpture of road of waterfall of 8 water river, Long Tan, the East China Sea a streetLive power sea
: Power sea goes to Liu Gong island by ship, city of bathhouse of seawater of park of memorial hall of temple of museum of You Jiawu war, the Dragon King, Ding Ruchang, power sea, international, KoreaLive power sea
D4: Power sea -- You Penglai of a fabled abode of immortals eights saints go across the sea scene area: Live on the boat
: Brigade arranges bridge of road of fort of cliff of a day of You Youyi tower, victory tower, report, naval port, seaside, Beijing University, Live Dalian
: Dalian swims one day tiger beach group park of sea of vulture, star, emperor inferior marine world (provide for oneself) , street of amorous feelings of Russia of people square, astral sea square sends a group
(this group also can join greatly round, qingdao sends a group. The journey is compressible for 5 days, the price is discussed additionally)
Quote: 842 yuan / person
Quote explains:
1, it is smooth season price in order to report valence (divide already 7, in August busy season and legal holiday)
2, tourist attraction the first entrance ticket
3, 2 stars (or with class) between double mark
4, eat expends 35 yuan / person / day (11 5 early, prandial 15 yuan / person breakfast 5 yuan / person)
5, homebred trailer coach
6, excellent guidebook serves
7, 20 people above becomes a group
8, Yantai -- Dalian steamer ticket steerage

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