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Power sea - a fabled abode of immortals - long island - south hill swims 4 days

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The journey
D1: Power sea receives a group to go to Liu Gong island by ship, visit temple of museum of Chinese the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, the Dragon King, fourth Ruchang store of bathhouse of seawater of park of memorial hall, power sea, international, KoreaLive power sea
D2: Power sea -- You Penglai of a fabled abode of immortals eights saints go across the sea scene area: Live a fabled abode of immortals
D3: Boat of a fabled abode of immortals goes to long island to swim bay of cliff of 9 a unit of length, crescent moon, Che Guanyu is village scene, marine taste bazaarLive a fabled abode of immortals
D4: A fabled abode of immortals -- south exterior of area of big Buddha scene, golf, Na Shanxin appearance sends hill You Nashan the group
Quote: 568 yuan / person
Quote explains:
1, it is smooth season price in order to report valence (divide already 7, August busy season and legal holiday)
2, tourist attraction the first entrance ticket (contain a fabled abode of immortals to long island to go back and forth between steamer ticket and long island to use a car)
3, 2 stars (or with class) between double mark
4, eat expends 35 yuan / person / day (7 3 early, prandial 15 yuan / person breakfast 5 yuan / person)
5, homebred trailer coach
6, excellent guidebook serves
7, 20 people above is become round

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