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A fabled abode of immortals, long island is luxurious the bus swims 2 days

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One, the journey:
The first day: Power sea heads for a fabled abode of immortals by the car, visit the Eight Immortals in the legend to cross big talk, avalokitesvara center, lunch, into bay of cliff of island, 9 a unit of length, crescent moon
(the evening in containing)Stay in fishing home

The following day
: Maritime sightseeing, unplug fisherman of basket, experience catchs fun (can visit island of 10 thousand birds at one's own expenses 150) , after lunch
Give insular Bus power of great capacity. End happy journey. (contain early in)

2, quote: 298 yuan / person

Children: 138 yuan / person (contain fare, food expenses, the tourist guide serves cost, danger of travel agent responsibility)

3, quote is included: Eat expends early in the morning 3, entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head, fishing home lodges one evening, fare, excellent guidebook serves, danger of travel agent responsibility.

4, quote is not contained: Provide for oneself charge.

5, the time that send a group: Meet Saturday

6, give: Elegant travel cap.

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