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The peninsula swims 4 days Yantai, Qingdao receives a group

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Yantai, Qingdao, a fabled abode of immortals, power sea swims 4 days (Yantai receives a group)
The journey:
D1: Yantai receives a group early, go to a fabled abode of immortals. City of the cabinet of a fabled abode of immortals that tours one of 4 name floors of Chinese, water, show Chinese shipping phylogeny
ancient boat shop, enter state ancient city, culture square, bathing place. Return Yantai to visit the sea to grind exhibition. Stay in Yantai
D2: Go to power sea, abode of temple of museum of midday of fair island of Liu of base of visiting the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, armour, the Dragon King, prefectorial government office, Ding Ruchang, Han
Country dress city, return Yantai, visit littoral road, meeting to exhibit bay of center, moon. Stay in Yantai
D3: Go to Qingdao early to go to Lao hill by the car, visit Lao hill, river of stone old person, 8 water, return city inside. Local speciality bazaar. Live Qingdao
D4: Visit town of Qingdao of hill of landing stage, signal, row, 8 close greatly, sculpture of road of 54 square, the East China Sea a street.

Quote: 600 yuan / person
Quote is included: Entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head, 2 stars or lodge with class 3 evening, excellent guidebook serves, fare, danger of travel agent responsibility.
Quote is not contained: Food expenses, charge provides for oneself in the journey.

Medicinal powder the guest is received every day

Yantai, power sea, a fabled abode of immortals, Qingdao swims 4 days (Qingdao receives a group)

D1: Qingdao receives a group. Swim Lao hill: By ship maritime sightseeing (provide for oneself) , view and admire mouth of old person of stone of new developed area of the eastpart part, overlook, strip of land between hills on the way
Beauty spot (cableway provides for oneself) , stone of waterfall of 8 water river, Long Tan, frog, China hill of Yan Si beauty spot, marine fishing village, Lao is tasted
Tea.   Old Qingdao
D2: Swim inside city: Swim landing stage, small Qingdao, 8 close greatly, TV of the garden in square of the small fish hill, bay that collect a coin, 54 square, sky
Tower (provide for oneself) , the car is street of sculpture of You Donghai road, marine the world (provide for oneself) , bathing place.   Old Qingdao
D3: Early Qingdao goes to a fabled abode of immortals by the car, you Penglai beauty spot (one of 4 name buildings of Chinese) : Shop of water city, ancient boat, ancient fort
Etc. Visiting land mine displays a house, visiting sea grinds institute, yantai of by way of, bay of You Bin sea route, moon. (or browse 8
Celestial being crosses scene region)Old Yantai or power sea
D4: Fair island of Liu of You Wei sea, Liu fair island reads extensively naval battle of midday of garden, armour demonstrates a house, ramble city of South Korea dress. Send a boat to go to Dalian or turn green
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