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Medicinal powder the guest sends Jinan Mount Taishan two days to swim every day

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The journey:
D1: Power sea railway station sets out (L386 second, 7:00, 16:17) , arrive at Jinan afternoon, swing, (can provide for oneself
The Bao inside visiting city dash forward the tourist attraction such as the spring) . Live: Jinan

D2: After breakfast, swim of the Five Mountains head -- father-in-law (contain double Cheng to trade hill vehicle, telpher charge provides for oneself) stand erect to hero on foot at 18 dishes
At south day door, by way of is happy 3 lis, pine of Yun Buqiao, 5 doctors, 18 dishes, the day in You Fu Yu Yunhai
Peak of slash grand sight of street, Wang Wusheng, Yu Huang carries Gongbei stone on the head to wait for father-in-law wonderful scenery, stone of glossy ganoderma of visiting Mount Taishan, wooden fish. Multiply downhill
The car returns Jinan. Late by train (N385 second, 20:42, 5:54) return power sea. Live on the train

D3: Reach power of great capacity early, end happy journey!

Circuit quote: 498 yuan / person
Quote is included: Roundtrip hard a train ticket (if want to change,the standard can be arranged separately) , entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head, the father-in-law changes fare,
Fare, excellent guidebook serves, danger of travel agent responsibility.

Quote is not contained: Food expenses, father-in-law cableway is expended (one-way 45 yuan / person) .

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