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Jinan of father-in-law Qu Fu swims 2 days

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One, the journey:
D1: Early Jinan railway station receives a station, go to Qu Fu by the car, visit past dynasties monarch the place of sacred Confucius---Confucian temple, appreciation is classic build
The place in building accumulate contained Confucianist culture, stop Oriental one of 3 audience hall become a hall greatly, the fabulous story of listen respectfully Confucius, look up
Admire statue of article emperor Confucius; Develop emperor is visited after fair living mansion -- Kong Fu, the contrail that understanding Confucius offspring lives and
The custom of Kong Jiate different is used to; The biggest familial graveyard on the world is visited later -- Kong Lin. In bringing way by Che Futai
Mine of land of visiting Shandong province displays house or China Jishi Mu piscine stone. Live: ┌

D2: After gather, universal village yuan go up about 25 minutes by scene area young liaison man after hill culmination door assembles (father-in-law half place, whole journey 3000
More than class, about 2.5 hours) ; Continue to mountaineer on foot, mountaineer on foot visit air current of the changes in temperature on the temple that gain blessing, Mount Taishan to hand in collect
the behead cloud sword of place, flying Lai Shiling listens the story that Song Zhen an administrative unit in Xizang seals buddhist Mount Taishan, watch landscape of sex of the mark on the father-in-law -- greet
Mount Taishan of guest pine, experience 18 dishes glamour, to south day door (whole journey more than 3000 class, about 2.5 hours) , visit after
Another name for Taishan Mountain carries beauty spot on the head: The scale on temple of weather market, Wang Wusheng slash lane, Confucius, Mount Taishan is the largest, save farthest to build group,
Ancestral temple of green jade glow (5 yuan, the guest provides for oneself) , peak of father-in-law grand sight visits after: Watch the dimensions on the father-in-law baronial rub cliff carved stone,
Highest peak of Shandong of climb a hill -- Yu Huang supports, experience " general view numerous hill is small " 10 thousand lis of lofty sentiments, peaceful looks around after former road is downhill
Supermarket of hill local speciality! Send a guest to the railway station, end happy journey!

2, recieve a standard:
The tourist attraction is the biggest entrance ticket; Air conditioning trailer coach; Excellent guidebook serves; One evening lodges (2 stars are the same as class)
Charge does not contain: Food expenses; The father-in-law is telpher and one-way 80 yuan, double Cheng 140 yuan; Ancestral temple of green jade glow 5 yuan;
Receive round kind: The railway station gives station mouth to lift guest name to receive a station.
Recieve remarks:
1, to come loose with going out to drill the guest spells a group, the journey may produce exchange, but do not reduce a tourist attraction;
2, return ticket needs to be booked ahead of schedule,
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