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City of king of sky of water of short for the Yihe River / subterranean big gorg

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D1: Power sea reachs railway station of water of short for the Yihe River by train in the morning, receive a group midday, short for the Yihe River is visited to cheat new concept after lunch -- subterranean big gorge
(60 yuan) , the beginning that first explore hole drifts here, be known as Chinese underground river to drift the first hole, there is marine gorge inside
Size of channel of ring of gorge of float of cereal, underground river, devil, prize, underground more than 100 tourist attractions such as 3 gorge, can experience underground
Seaborne alarmingly dangerous and stimulation. Live water of short for the Yihe River
D2: Visit cereal of snow mountain rainbow (68 or be 50 yuan) : Recreational project has A: (1) rainbow cereal (see beautiful rainbow) ;
(2) slippery grass: (3) feel a fish; (4) rainbow knight (bullfight) ; (5) aerospace fitness appearance; (6) thunder
Prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun; (7) travel outer space; (8) world-shaking (flying fish) ; (9) pass through rainbow; (10) strange house.
B: Field operations project (true person CS) : (1) position battle; (2) close Lin Zhan; (3) urban war; (4) 100
Rice shoots target. The swing after lunch. Return power sea by train lateLive on the car
D3: Yao of dark collect of trailing plants of Piao of pray of  of Ta of trade of Shi of Yao  Qi

Quote: 388 yuan / person

Recieve a standard: The tourist attraction is the biggest entrance ticket, air conditioning trailer coach, excellent guidebook serves, one evening lodges (2 stars or with class) ,
Eat early in the morning 3

Recieve remarks:
1, to come loose with going out to drill the guest spells a group, the journey may produce exchange, but do not reduce a tourist attraction;
2, children contains a car only cost and guide take, other all provide for oneself;
3, because manpower cannot defy what the element causes to visit change and tourist attraction to reduce this company to be in charge of only,return entrance ticket balance, press travel agent
Favourable agreement price is returned, do not assume the loss that causes from this and responsibility;
4, shift to an earlier date or delay raise room cost: 2 stars room expends 80 yuan / night, samSung 120 yuan / night (clean room)
5, my company solves a guest to complain it is with opinion sheet accurate, remind a guest to fill in cautiously please!

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