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Power sea scene is elegant, the four seasons is trenchant, draw near according to hill the sea, it is travel summer resort. Power sea was judged to be the whole world to improve a person to rank an environment by U.N. 1996 one of 100 model cities. 1998, be judged to be city of Chinese first-class travel again.

Activity of culture of power sea folk-custom and internationally feast is rich and varied. The international fisherman part that flourish becomes, revealed glue east piscatorial culture and fishing home amorous feelings; Friendly party of live abroad of lacteal hill international, it is intermediary with live abroad, wide hand in all directions friend.

Power sea city has various and of all kinds hospital 85 place, among them the hospital such as one stage shell 19 place, the hospital such as 2 stage shell 6 place, 3 is in a hospital to be named to be " to love baby hospital " by World Health Organization, United Nations Children's Fund Commission and Chinese country Ministry of Public Health. Power sea city establishs hospital and administer of power sea place hospital of each urban district all established outpatient service of foreign Medical Protection technically, provide service of high grade medical treatment for the foreign trader. City resident enjoys collection of medical expenses of foreign go to a doctor and Weihaiben to wait to encounter together.

Have permanent of 2000 much foreigner at present power sea, have many 200 their children in power sea various and of all kinds school is read, have to the university from nursery school.

Real estate expands power of great capacity rapid, arrive from average apartment block advanced and luxurious villatic have everything that one expects to find, price moderate, hire buy all but, the personage outside suiting the sea settles in power sea or live temporarily, buy a house, hire Fang Junxiang to get national treatment.

Power sea municipal government comes to give the foreigner of power sea provides better life and learning environment, planning village of two foreigners life at present: Han of a division of an Euramerican life, day gives birth to vivid area. Build inside every life division have place of international school, hospital, recreation, fitness.

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