Nation of power sea population

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[population] 2004 end, total population of power sea city two million four hundred and eighty-three thousand nine hundred person, than going up the end of the year adds 7620 people, population maintains low speed growth. Among them urban population 589154 people, than going up the end of the year increases19716 people, grow 3.46% . Place administer flourish ascends population of city, lacteal hill city to be 667527 people, 646032 people, 581176 people respectively into city, article, than going up the end of the year all has different level to decrease. In total population, male strength is 1254479 people, the female is 1229410 people, male female fastens wholer than be 102 ∶ 100; town always door 884767 several, door all population of agriculture of blame of whole town of 2.81 people; is population one million one hundred and thirty-six thousand eight hundred person, 45.77% what occupy total population. Effect of population control job is distinct, rate of whole town natural growth of the population reemerges negative growth. Gave stranger opening 2004 15440 people, birthrate is 6.23 ‰ , dead population 18029 people, mortality is 7.27 ‰ , rate of whole town natural growth of the population is - 1.04 ‰ .
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[nation] power sea city has 47 nations:  of crane Sui ⒊ ⒚ of Sui of Hou of ⒇ of Sui of Sui ⒙  basks in fine of ⑼ of Sui of Qian of ⒚ of Sui of king crab of ⒋ of Sui of hair on the neck of a pig of  of Sui of an ancient unit of weight of  of ⒗ of Sui of cut down of the ⒒ that cast Sui Sui of spoon of ⒆ of Sui of caving  of  of ⑽ of Sui of cut down of ⒉ of Sui of fraud of ⒍ of Sui of appropriate of easy Sui ⒁ , 0.6% what occupy whole town total population.

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