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Power sea city is city of sanitation of the first country of our country, city of model of environmental protection of the first batch of whole nations and first China is outstanding travel city, enjoy environment of demonstrative city of national park city, countrywide environmental protection, whole nation city integrated punish is outstanding city and countrywide afforestation afforest the honorary title such as 10 beautiful city, be decided to be the whole world to improve a person to rank an environment by U.N. optimal model city. Power sea city is located in Shandong peninsula most east upright, be located in Shandong peninsula most east upright, be located in north latitude 41 ′ of 36 ° 37 ° of ~ 35 ′ , the east longitude 11 ′ of 121 ° 122 ° of ~ between 42 ′ . 3 annulus sea, receive land at the same time, north and distant east peninsula corner is opposite, a chain of islands of southeast and Korea peninsula, Japan is reached to lie between sea facies to look east, abut soil is compared with Yantai, Qingdao on the west, administer flourish enters emerald green area of city, lacteal hill city and annulus into city, article. Whole town gross area 5463 square kilometer, total population 2.47 million, among them urban area kilometer of 7.31 million square, population 522 thousand. Flower of power sea city is sweet-scented osmanthus, city tree is silk tree.

Beautiful littoral garden city power sea, spend full street, the tree is shady, environment of halcyon, neat the appearance of a city, make here becomes China optimum one of living cities.

Power sea is located in Shandong peninsula most east upright, qin Shi emperor says for " the end of the day " , she is outstanding at Yellow Sea mid, clutch Bohai Sea big talk, connect sea of north and south to prevent, it is one of naval port with Chinese principal north. Ming Dynasty set the Christian era here 1398 defend station troops, only then say " Weihaiwei " , the implied meaning " power shake is maritime " ; 1888, the first navy of Chinese " division of water of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning " be born here; 1894, sino-Japanese the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 erupts here; Was leased by England 1898, called in 1930 dominion.

Liu Gong island, division of water of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning is prefectorial government office, naval battle of recall armour midday. Into hilltop, the end of the day, only then the ground of emperor Leshi, sigu is vast, only the sea and oneself just. Power sea landscape is beautiful, historic site is numerous, divide Liu Gong island, into hilltop scenery of level of state of this two place scenic spot outside, still have " Shan Zhizu of maritime celestial being " Kun Yu hill and China's biggest swan lake, it is you are away for the summer holidays, recuperate, recreational resort.

Area size: 0631
Postcode: 264200
The position: Be located in Shandong peninsula most east upright, back mainland, 3 be faced with the sea, neighbour is accepted with Qingdao, Yantai on the west, north looks at distant east half
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