Qin Qiao is vestigial

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Emperor of Qin Shi of according to legend east when make one's rounds, come hilltop, want herein to build a big bridge to watch sunrise. He sends a person to carry stone fills the of great capacity day and night, touched the Dragon King of the East China Sea, the Dragon King sends Nereus to help his bridging. Nereus is pillar of his drive stone, between one night bridging more than 40 lis. Only then emperor is thankful, want Nereus of thank sb in person. Nereus says: I grow “ too uglily, want what do not draw me to resemble wishing to meet at the monarch only. Who knows ” Qin Shi emperor does not keep good faith, identify painter to hide in craftsman, drew Nereus. After Nereus becomes aware very angry, reprimand only then emperor is amounted to about, let him answer a horse, he should destroy the bridge instantly. Qin Shi emperor just set foot on a bank, shi Qiao collapses with a loud crash, left these 4 pier only.

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