Beauty spot of travel of piebald colour stone

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Ask everybody to see gate upper part be being written " Shi Yuling buddhist " a horizontal inscribed board, this is Qibai of talent of our country contemporary the literary world, well-known writer director of room of creation of Shi Tusun, air force Mr Han Jingting writes. "Shi Yu " two words are to say stone can talk, "Clever " it is to have clever energy of life; "Buddhist " sit in meditation of primary line pointing to a monk, here points to the excellent artistic conception of stand aloof Fan Su. "Stone language clever buddhist " the modelling that tells us to view and admire strange stone to want to enjoy strange rock not only, comprehend the connotation that strange stone place hides and philosophic theory even, reach the state of person stone syncretic, obtain from which the biggest cheerful and contented.

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