Bare hill law China courtyard

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China courtyard is located in bare hill law the foot of mountain austral the bare hill that Shandong saves flourish to press down north into island of a unit of dry measure for grain, only then build at Tang Dynasty, it is Tang Dynasty glue east one of Buddhist temple with the largest scale. According to history record, china courtyard is bare hill law formerly new Luo Ren (today Korea) Zhang Baogao is built. Why does new Luo Ren build temple here? Here has a paragraph of beautiful fokelore, according to legend a long time ago, all round bare hill all gules, those who bare hill god can bless ship of maritime associate with is restful, accordingly, a lot of people often come god of hill of this pilgrimage bare.

Big Tang Cheng period, zhang Baogao be recruited enters new Luo Ren the Tang Dynasty, ceng Renwu is peaceful (today Xuzhou) army in young general, his skill in wushu is preeminent, fight brave, get the love and esteem of earth of big Tang Jiang, return to after new collect, ren Qinghai presses down an ambassador, during this, his laid " maritime the Silk Road " , make place's distinguished maritime commerce home. He to bless its of marine career prosperous, admire name is built here removed the first big temple of local, bring monk Song classics. Because ask the first batch of monks of Song classics to belong to weather station faction, read Song classical for " law China classics " , reason gives this courtyard entitle " bare Shan Fahua courtyard " . Bare hill law China courtyard enjoys great reputation in Tang Dynasty, in period of at the height of power and splendour, ever many 30 monk comes this lives, back and belly is supplied all furnish by Zhang Baogao. Temple burning incense very flourishing, come this listens to the person of classics to often amount to more than 200 people, for temporarily fill.

Tang Kaicheng 4 years (839 years) in June, japanese dignitary is round benevolence rabbi group enters Tang Qiufa, the guest resides this courtyard 2 years 9 months, below the consideration support that reachs monks and laymen in local government official, make he is able to understand at that time a lot of knowledge of the respect such as Tang Chao's politics, culture, economy, religion, into Tangqiu the law is able to embark on a journey. After homecoming, the huge gains that bear in mind constantly of circle benevolence rabbi comes to China this, compiled " into Tang Qiufa visit a sacred land is written down all right " one book, to bare Shan Fahua courtyard made detailed picture in the book (this book is known as east 3 big travel agent are written down one of) , make bare raise of name of Shan Fahua courtyard global. In the meantime, to thank the deep feeling thick friendship of bare hill people, circle benevolence duty its child thes capital of a country in Japan small wild hill was built for the name with bare hill " Chi Shanchan courtyard " .

Project of China courtyard main body covers an area of rebuilding law 5000 much square metre, the complete Tang Jian that fasten copy is built, its layout and " into Tang Qiufa visit a sacred land is written down all right " in agree basically of the description. Big male Bao Dianyi south mountain range and sit, neizhengzhong has the hall Budda Sakyamuni statue, modelling is vivid, sculpture is elegant, the gentleman at the beginning of Chinese hackberrya of Zhao of chairman of Buddhist association of vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, whole nation is inscribed for audience hall " big Xiong Baodian " 4 big character.
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