Bathhouse of seawater of power sea international

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Fair island of bathhouse of seawater of power sea international and Liu, become mountain stronghold and call power sea area of 3 great respect, also be one of home's best seawater bathhouse, it is travel goes vacationing, be away for the summer holidays the resort of recuperate.  seawater bathhouse only then built in April 1992, total investment already amounted to 30 million yuan of RMBs, year welcome a visitor about a hundred 10 thousand person-time. Everybody sees the entrance door of this stone carving before please, it is the mark sex building of bathhouse. A cowfish is on the west of it, above " international seawater bathhouse " 6 big character are power sea famous calligrapher revive book of place of parturient gentleman holograph. The eastern side is a hippo, its front is carving this mermaid, lifelike, the reverse side is brief introduction of international seawater bathhouse, also be Su Sheng child gentleman compose and carven.

Everybody goes up to sea wall please. Seeing the east please is Ma Jiashan, smoke mound hill is in the west, the half moon that two hill form is thalassic, make bathhouse like nature itself. Bathhouse beach stuff is more than meters 2800 long, beach delay sand is fine without foreign matter, water quality gentleness is clean, beach area 300 thousand square metre, can contain 100 thousand visitor at the same time. Everybody looks, surround 1000 mus of pine forests of bathhouse and sea set each other off become an interest, too many beautiful things. Every arrive travel is seasonal, lin Ru draws bathhouse umbrella, if tourist is knitted. Everybody comes to here, can enjoy the boundless joy that sunshine, beach, sea brings to you adequately.

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