City of power sea movie and TV

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City of power sea movie and TV invests directly by the CCTV, it is exterior of 4 big movie and TV film base (without city of stannum, Zhuo, power sea, Nanhai) one of, drove a city on June 1, 1997, reveal elegant demeanour to common people. City of  movie and TV covers an area of 500 mus, photograph a service to give priority to with movie and TV, hold mere formality concurrently to change recreation, sightseeing to visit, recreational go vacationing wait for a function. Head period area of open condition of fresh gale car covers an area of 100 mus, turn by more than 10 tourist attractions and the sea top spin that one place has European classicism bar composition. City of movie and TV 3 annulus sea, coasting is winding and labyrinthian, the beach is gently, hai Guangshan is lubricious, charming and gentle is attractive.  leaves " city " since, here attracted large quantities of tourists not only, the play staff that still recieved Chinese teleplay to make the department such as ministry of center, CCTV blueness little center, economy comes this pats photography inspect drama and special subject piece, held " the throughout the country is little calligraphy, painterly contest " , " summer camp of international of TV of film of first China broadcast " etc large little activity. Be famous in art of global TV of teenager of CCTV the Milky Way this undertakes round Ceng Lai special performance show. Notable item (column) eye compere brings up duckweed, Dong Hao, Liu Chunyan, Ceng Yuan, Zhou Zhou, He Gui, Shi Yi to wait to come this is chaired, had filmed program. Make as fixed contest especially, the nation is top of expert award " the throughout the country is little contest of musical dance TV " already held two successfully in city of movie and TV, the teenager children that is countrywide each district revealed artistic talent to provide stage.

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