Power sea park

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Power sea park began construction in Feburary 2000, finishing on May 31, 2001, open garden formally on June 1. Park north has all directions way, na Zhiping spends a way, face power thalassic. Overall length 3218.6 meters, average width 144.3 meters, it is a bound with the road austral the seaside, two side park covers an area of the thing gross area 465 thousand square metre. The park is mid set square of culture of a center, by north Xiang Na sets area of scene of 4 main body, name the child that it is the sea, Hai Lian, Hai Song, Hai Hui respectively. One is installed in central square and correspondence of 4 scene area large advocate sculpture of theme of area of 4 sculpture, scene and a certain number of sculpture essay. Park afforest is guidance with zoology gardens theory, plant with agrestic tree for framework, form primary and secondary alternate with of trenchant, density, strewn at random have send, concise and lively zoology community, reflected the rich sex of plant species and diversity adequately. Lie fallow for convenient citizen fitness, children game field still was set inside scene area, area of old person fitness. Whole park greenery is shady, bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration, stone of the sea, woods, greenbelt, flower, sculpture, hill, building organic union, mutual reflect, formed a picture scroll of beautiful zoology seaside city.

   Area of sea child scene: North and south makes an appointment with 360 meters, the thing makes an appointment with 75 meters, the area is 6100 meters. It is children plays mobile place, also be the place that old people enjoys family happiness. Whole situation area by cistern of field of sculpture of sea child theme, fountain, bunker, game, play, plant the composition such as field of labyrinthian, ball catch. Main body sculpture " housing " 6 meters tall, install " carry kelp " , " penguin " , " make top " wait for essay of 5 groups of sculpture, those who convey the sea child, Chinese people is unripe be born not to cease, prosperous picture, sea of implied meaning power is increasingly healthy.

   The sea loves scene area: 580 meters are located in south area of sea child scene, north and south 153 meters, thing 75 meters, cover an area of a face to accumulate 3800 square metre. Main body sculpture " homocentric knot " 4 meters tall, hai Lian's implied meaning is the beautiful landscape of depend on each other of power sea landscape, make tourist enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave, produced the feeling of infinite be sentimentally attached to to the sea, also conveyed power sea people to have deep love for the life, what be full of infinite happiness to future is yearning.

Central culture square: Be located in a park mid, north and south is 580 meters long, whole square to the sea outspread, the largest space 107 meters, cover an area of gross area 67 thousand square metre, among them square thirty-nine thousand six hundred square metre, afforest area 24 thousand square metre. Central culture square calls sea fetch square again, large theme sculpture " of the sea odic " 10.75 meters tall, 27 meters long, reflected the spirit of the force of sea all-conquering and press forward with indomitable will, it is the fetch of the sea, fetch of power sea not only, also be the fetch of the Chinese nation.
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