Female immortal supports

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"Hill is absent tall, have name of celestial being criterion " . Female immortal top is located in green division of link of power sea city to look at insular village northwest, altitude 375 meters. Strange peak towers aloft here, strange stone is bony, arboreous and very tall, quiet and deep and serene, the beautiful flowers and grass is spread all over, the picture is attractive. Ascend to extremely very, ke Dongkan sea, urban district of boreal look into the distance from a high place, xi Wangqun hill is jungly, wonderful scene all stops eye ground, relaxed and happy making a person. The travel resort that beautiful natural the most pleasant stage brings up, add magical fokelore, more make if the dream is like unreal,female immortal supports, too many beautiful things.  according to legend a long time ago, female immortal top is issueing a laborious goodness, the single field old man that Le Shanhao executes. He is companion with purplish red horse all day. One day at night, old man sleeps to half to one's heart's content, see a female immortal that wears element outfit waves to come into house suddenly, add up to palm salaam, beg the help of purplish red horse that borrows old man to move. Allow of old man glad, pull from stable go into action, still help good saddle of female immortal equipment, mount carries basket on the back. Day break awakes, old man returns the responsibility in recall dream, exceedingly is strange, busy examine to stable, see dripping wet of sweat of purplish red Martha only, saddle, carry basket on the back to still be on the back, look again carefully, carry on the back there are two big a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal Chinas in basket. The break in old man heart like that -- this is the gift that female immortal acknowledges. This matter of admiral of horse of field old man told neighborhood, everybody feels to should build a female immortal temple on hill, bless with invocatory female immortal. After temple fosters cordial relations between states, the men and women is old young mountaineer in succession into sweet, burning incense all the year round is ceaseless.

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