Park of annulus emerald green building

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Park of annulus emerald green building is in the heartland of power sea urban district. Here all the year round constant green, all sorts of flowers bloom, it is citizen, tourist the good place of recreational amuse oneself. Every arrive travel busy season or holiday, if knit,here always is tourist, lively and extraordinary. Everybody sees  that copper casting is statuary, that is high-ranking military officer of division of water of ethical hero, clear the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning, send Yuan Jian the canal takes Deng Shichang. His body wraps around battle gown, hold yataghan, pedalo head, staring ahead the place that blood of his Ceng Yu has fought bravely, healthy atmosphere grand like that, martial and solemn and stirring. Everybody looks there still is a dog beside him, that is Deng Shichang before one's death love a dog, be called sun dog, make day and his inseparable as body and shadow. In big fight of armour midday Yellow Sea, direct of Deng world prosperous sends distant ship heroism to fight bravely, inflict heavy losses on enemy war ship, the torpedo in final misfortune is sunken. Deng Shichang rose to surface at that time, sun dog is biting his braid do all one can to go up ashore delimit. Deng Shichang is completely OK the force of dog of love of have the aid of is obtained unripe, dan Zhiyuan naval vessel is sunken already, his oath and battleship coexistence die, pressing canine head to sink together then the sea, easy die a martyr. It is day is the old Chinese calendar on August 18, be 45 years old of his birthday.

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