Bayou fishing village

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In glue east of the peninsula most east upright, be located the fishing village that if the poem is picturesque,wears -- flourish becomes city bayou village. The fishing home folk-custom that there is pure of primitive simplicity here, having fetching enter the natural oxygen of drunk blue sea blue sky and be worthy of the name, the glow that is having fishing family and forthright. Nowadays, this still is maintaining the fishing village of former unripe position, it is people far li of city is Bacchic, enjoy what nature bestows to go vacationing to the top of one's bent travel is recreational good place.
"Glue east fishing village " draw near according to hill the sea, the scenery is pretty, be apart from national light air scene scenic spot Ou Chengshan head the Yao of one pace, the travel scene area with main all around still has: China's biggest swan habitat -- birthplace of lake of the swan that become hill, Taoism -- holy water view, China the first strange stone -- Shan Ye of carve of god of mouth of piebald colour stone, Xi Xia gives birth to the zoo to wait.

"Glue east fishing village " the environment is distinctive, climate happy person, the winter does not have severe cold, xia Mo intense heat of summer. Year average temperature controls dweller of fishing village tradition in 12 ° , with Shi Weiqiang seaweed is a top, wintry warm summer is cool, hundred years not corrupt, the sea thatched cottage here, it is glue east dweller most distinctive is sent.

The dish of fishing family is given priority to with seafood more, enthusiastic master meeting is chosen excellent and fresh guest of sea product entertainment. Drive the sea, go angling, swimming is piscine village most distinctive activity.
Come! Dear friend, although here does not have Bacchic scene of debauchery, have the folk-custom folkway of plain fishing village however. Here is you the ideal harbour that searchs interior have a rest

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