Swan lake

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Rong Chengcheng hill defends swan lake to be located in glue east peninsula most east upright -- flourish becomes hill to press down churchyard into city, it is the swan lake with Chinese the biggest north. Here is one natural lagoon, average depth of water is 2 meters, do not cross 3 meters the most greatly, average January water is warm for 0  9 ℃ , lake face is very few and frozen, the multiply in the lake is perching many small fish shrimp and plankton, it is the ground that ideal of big swan hiemal lives.  begins every year from November, northward swan, wild goose and add of mallard land add fly to here live through the winter, most a long time is the coming year January, amount to tens of thousands of, gang, whole lake face is white. White swan Gu is tall, holy, or lie or stand, or swim or go, or circle in the air or run quickly, had had more " play " person, play fight noisely, try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, mutual rostellum is pecked, hand in neck caress, flutter joyous song, weiwei is grand. To the coming year 2, swan will begin to disperse March, activity of subgroup of ground of in twos and threes. If freeze on the lake, ethereal flying snow overflows dance, a swan that graceful establishs and the picture scroll that boundless and indistinct Xuejing can form a romance, make the person is worth reading for many times

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