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Be located in glue east peninsula most east upright, belong to mountain mountain range, because of emperor of Qin Shi of according to legend east divine carve ever was shot here when make one's rounds and get a name. Divine carve Shan Ye gives birth to animal nature to groove guard circles divine carve hill and be built, it is to be on the foundation that the expert proves adequately, via concerning sectional approval, by Xi Xia in March 1997 buccal group limited company invests build. Whole area covers an area of a face to accumulate 3800 mus, groove guard 3 annulus sea, receive land at the same time, not only scene is distinctive, and extremely appropriate management. Inside the area group peak forest stands, channel cereal freely, caboodle is green fold emerald green, the picture is attractive, it is the admirable multiply habitat of of all kinds wild animal. The monarch inside the area has area of beast of prey, herbivore area, marine animal area, Xiong Le the animal habitat such as hill of wolf of garden of garden, lark garden, bird of prey, orangutan garden, leopard, monkey hill, golden monkey house. The dwell inside area of beast of prey has African lion, northeast tiger, leopard, white tiger to wait for large precious rare carnivorous animal; The dwell inside herbivore area has kangaroo, camel, elk (common weighs David's deer) , the omnivorous animal such as herbivore and the otter such as short horse, sika, roe deer, marmot, dwell is returned to have gavial of the beast of prey in water inside garden; The dwell inside marine animal area has the marine animal such as sea lion, seal, fur seal, cowfish; The dwell inside ursine Eden has blackbear and Ma Laixiong; Dwell parts to golden pheasant of the Jin Diao, cinereous vulture, carve that feed hare, owl, sparrow hawk and white swan, black swan, red -crowned crane, pelican, red abdomen, green peacock, of all kinds parrot, mallard waits precious a moment inside garden of bird of prey and lark garden rare avian; Dwell of hill of garden of golden monkey house, orangutan, monkey has precious rare golden monkey, gorilla, baboon and a variety of 10 different apes and monkeys are phyletic. Inside the area only national I, Ⅱ kind protective animal has 100 a variety of. Groove guard is in annual Chun Xia is seasonal, recieve middle and primary school on average to be born to make an appointment with 15 thousand person-time with school of old technical secondary school and researcher of scientific research orgnaization, make they are in " experience haggard, regression is natural " while, still can be opposite seriously all sorts of animals with science, rational manner undertakes study, had the effect that popular science teachs truly. Was approved to be by national forestry ministry 1998 " feral put in a suitable place to breed groove guard of type animal nature " . Was become by flourish 2002 city family assist teach base for whole town popular science certainly.
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