Sea ass island

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The island is located in the upper maritime space of hilltop, be apart from land the distance is 4 sea mile recently. Because the scenery is beautiful, be far from land, attracting countless seabird to come so this perch, lay eggs, multiply. Whenever spring, by tens of thousands mew comes this perch lays eggs, cliff is seamed in bird's nest row upon row of, without number, be called again so mew is regnal.

On the island power peak stand upright, all around briny vast dark blue, with by tens of thousands the magnificent sight that mew forms, make a person not only acclaim as the peak of perfection, the god coagulates form commentate, island of reason sea ass has " mew is regnal " name. According to legend of sea ass island is a pig when 8 give up are carrying a chicken and ass to cross the sea with flat sheet in those days, because the day will dawn, crow ass wail, fall chicken and ass into the sea carelessly and island of melt into crow and sea ass island

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