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Liu Gong island reads extensively is long history of fair island of Liu of one place be in harmony and rich and generous culture field at a suit, collect is new and high technology and masterly and artistic the omnibus tourist attraction at an organic whole. Always invest 126 million yuan, cover an area of a face to accumulate 50 thousand square metre. Woodcarving of gigantic a carve of colour jade wall, large Dongyang, the germ culture that tells about Liu Gong island centrally -- Liu Gongwen is changed.

Armour midday naval battle demonstrates a house to adopt tone photoelectricity, multimedia, holographic movie and TV is become resemble waiting for high-tech method, wonderful deduce division of water of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning to arrive from Cheng Jun the historical course that complete collapse, the warlike scene with distinct brave emersion.


Flower hire power sea to defend historical exhibition, show power sea to regard as in the round 7 child one of be hired 32 years by force by England (Liu Gong island is hired 42 years by force) discreditable history.


Wang Hailou, it is Wu Zetian formerly east place of make one's rounds is built. Via Great Master of many national level art clever conception, rebuild again. Blessing, salary, birthday, happiness 4 implied meaning are profound, wonderful confused is shown. Wang Hailou only then build at Tang Dynasty, according to account, the Christian era 698 years, empress Wu Zetian wants " coastal areas and territorial seas of Dong Yu of examine make one's rounds " , to earn Wu Zetian's love, denounce of the feudal provincial or prefectural governor that enter a state is gigantic endowment build center of black horse of make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital greatly in coastal waters place, in order to have Wu Zetian faces favour, the Wang Hailou that goes up with Liu fair island among them has distinguishing feature most. In those days Wang Hailou is 21 meters tall, build oneself by Japanese pirates burn down 700 old in it is Liu Gong all the time the top structure on the island, the ancients ever stayed for Wang Hailou " Wang Hailou of hearsay of phonic musical sound " beautiful line. Chaos caused by war of full classics of island of the Liu Gong on the history, ming Yongle 4 years (1406) , japanese pirates is barefaced sea of intrude into power is defended, embezzlement Liu fair island, burn kill loot, commit all manners of crimes. According to " power sea protects mark " account, defend suburban dweller be murdered to must do not have living person almost at that time! But broad power sea the army and the people is none awe-stricken, make concerted efforts, japanese pirates of final defeat utterly, extremely vicious Japanese pirates is defeated escape when, utterly discomfited, set fire on Liu fair island unexpectedly burn down this one maritime name building.
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