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Beautiful power sea my home

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  SayTo power sea, actually I call my home town without the qualification, at best also can be called the 2nd birthplace only. 1993 spring, when I set foot on this heat earth for the first time by ship, I was stupefied by her beauty. At that time, be worth a rain during springtime to halt, whole town resembles just the girl that bath crosses, what the whole body comes out fully is warmth, beautiful beautiful with relaxed, what build the red made of baked clay brickbat that does not have processing of there's still time downstairs to also be rinsed by rainwater repeatedly is bright-coloured very, and because wear what just give off the evergreen tree of verdancy,foil, the tire on beautiful like beautiful girl also hair is so gorgeous.

   IThe man that stands to coming round to receive says: Day, place of so beautiful saw with one's own eyes of urban if it were not for sees, in thinking oneself entered a picture by accident really. We did not go, settle down here. The man says: Those who want is beautiful, you think power sea is your home come presumably? I say crabbily, what do this have, alarming job does not want, the house is bought, melon seeds evaporate sells the steamed bread on street edge. Then, I quited the satisfying job that struggled 10 years for it really, sell scrape up family property accumulated over a long time of 7 years, the son temporary resign to mother-in-law Mom, come to this hill, sea, forest, lake, make the glamour city of photograph reflect, and pass 3 years " showing the utmost fortitude " be squeezed into power sea hard and be formal dweller into its.

   IVery gratified, want to know, the natural zoology garden of this 3 annulus sea is how many money also buys what do not come! The urban district 3 Ji Youhua, the four seasons are evergreen, green adorns every corner of the city. Beijing friend comes when power sea travels, say, I just understand you why to be now abandon the home to cast aside in those days child must migrate here, not do not say, sheet is the air of power sea, if can carry,also can sell a good price into the capital! The winter does not have the intense heat of summer without freezing, summer, year all air temperature 13 Celsius are why to be planted air conditioning can be duplicate the climate that come out. Still have, be born in this kind of Lin Zaishui, the person goes in Lin Zhong, the home feels in what install in the picture, the beauty that experience does not give her is during if it were not for roams personally. Before long, that friend also bought the housing of a two-room flat in power sea unexpectedly. It is to entrust me to rent for its at ordinary times originally, be in every year only proper chance is little live a few days, do not think, because of house price go up greatly and ground of be beside oneself was made long term investment.

   IVery complacent also, originally I taste is slow, however favour understood have the charm that feed. The Spanish mackerel boiled dumpling with glittering and translucent and transparent delicious flavor, make my appetite big leave; The most unforgettable still have fresh and tender tastily soft-shelled turtle of seafood of raw slices of fish meat, iron plate, rock candy and old little all the pancake decoct fish of appropriate. Actually, these eating feed search not hard, because rely on the sea,can touch " bright " smooth, it is unique classy cate into its.
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