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Power sea city is selected city of glamour of 2005 China characteristic 200 stro

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200 strong list will give city of glamour of characteristic of 2005 year China on October 17 furnace, power sea and place administer article are ascended, flourish is become, lacteal hill 3 city are all and selected.

Go up this city of a list of names posted up by patriotic Chinese chamber of commerce trade of the classics in world-renowned business alliance, beauty invests the orgnaization such as net of famous brand of Chinese of total chamber of commerce, whole world to combine choose. Inland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in all a list of names posted up on 200 cities. Guangdong province shares 19 cities selected, rank head of a list of names posted up. Peace of my province Qingdao, Qu Fu, Tai'an, power sea, Yantai, aid, Linyi, sunshine, article is ascended, flourish is become, south glue, green administrative division, talk about hill of city, a fabled abode of immortals, breast 15 cities are selected, with Zhejiang the province stands side by side the 2nd. Among them power sea and place administer 3 city are all and selected, the 1/4 that holds complete province sum total is strong.

As we have learned, this second choose activity is choose through many rounds from inside 600 many cities, according to the city famous degree, beautiful praise degree, letter expenditure, satisfaction is spent, faithfulness is spent, consequence, investment climate, resource is managing society of latent capacity of house environment, as temperamental as environmental protection, person quantity, development, integrated competition ability, economy is coordinated can develop wait for index integrated.

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