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A thousand li returns hotel of sea of lost property power to touch Taiyuan touri

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Xie Chang is made) " the quality that can see power sea person from this bagatelle is very high. After returning Shanxi, I must let more person understand the good morality view of power sea person. " on October 11 afternoon, in be informed lost property to already was mailed to arrive home by hotel clerk hind, tourist of other place of deep touched touched finishs the gentleman dials evening paper hotline, told about the good person favour that he encounters in power sea.

Finish the gentleman says, he ever was engaged in newspapering for a long time in Shanxi province. Because often listen to a person to say the scene of power sea is elegant, he is taking family to come to power sea at will driving on October 1, merge into the urban district is new a hotel near power road. The following day, they go to Yantai amuse oneself a day, purchased two value nearly 300 yuan deep-sea fish oil. 3 days, finish gentleman and family are in power sea is to one's heart's content after playing a long time, before driving, go to Jinan.

Two fish oil that after finishing the gentleman arrives at Jinan, discover oneself are bought however disappeared, he guesses the thing may fall in the hotel of power sea. Because ever had encountered similar issue before, the possibility that he perceives to the thing searchs is not quite large. 4 days morning, he was holding the idea that have a try in the arms to make a telephone call to the hotel. Making what he did not think of is, after hotel clerk receives a telephone call, found the article that finishs the gentleman is lost immediately, mail lost property in finishing the gentleman is located in the home of Taiyuan city.

Be informed lost property already by clerk of power sea hotel from inside the home is returned besides a thousand li, finish the gentleman is touched. He says, this bit of thing is not worthy, but the civilized quality that can see power sea person from this bagatelle is very high.

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