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Of green power sea: "Beautiful Qian Zhi corrupt " with " treat corrupt earn mone

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Environmental protection is the project of a large investment. Since building city, power sea accumulative total finishs environmental infrastructure to throw many yuan 100, with the caliber computation 1987, lead country environmental protection plans to invest index 18 years, 2001, the investment of environmental protection capital of power sea achieved 1.3 billion yuan, 2.02% what occupy GDP, far outclass the countrywide average level of 1.2% . High investment brought the environmental protection establishment of all ready. Current, whole town is built have sewage treatment plant 6, handle ability everyday 220 thousand tons, exceeded sewage to discharge ability. Power sea still is built in far Yao village removed the throughout the country's only country sewage to handle a works, each area city has his sewage treatment plant. Whole town builds rubbish processing field 4, city life rubbish is harmless change processing to achieve 100% .

Treat corrupt not be certainly " losing business " , do well still can earn two. Company of gourmet powder of Shandong lily of the valley from the fish out in sewage money. This enterprise is state-owned and large company, produced gourmet powder last year 40 thousand tons, industry is amylaceous 60 thousand tons, feed 30 thousand tons, crop is big, liquid waste discharge capacity is large also, the company throws many yuan 3000 to undertake sewage disposal early or late, but the amplification as scale of production, processing capability is constant have too many problems to deal with. But rich ammoniacal nitrogen, protein is contained in the liquid waste that produces gourmet powder nitrogen and a variety of amino acid, it is very good organic fertilizer. Can abandon irrigation works to use, turn it into usable resource? Tackle key problem through company technology of the group fight bravely, expert of course many sided is proved repeatedly, last year in May, the environmental protection of this company answer the factory that mix fertilizer is formal put into production. Of this factory when the factory director tells a reporter, the time with much last year half an year, produce inorganic and organic, compound fertilizer 20 thousand tons, sales revenue 30 million yuan, this kind of organic, inorganic mixes fertilizer to have chemical fertilizer nutrient already tall, get effective fast characteristic, again organic fertilizer grows the characteristic of effect sex, have profit to soil, farmer special reception, now still is not busy season of chemical fertilizer demand, the sale has the tendency that demand exceeds supply. The crop relation of the crop of gourmet powder and compound fertilizer basically is 1 than 1.1, press the scale of production of gourmet powder total factory is changeless last year, can produce this year 4 to 50 thousand tons of fertilizer, these chemical fertilizer sell completely go out, can earn one year 4 million. "This 4 million pure come from the fish out in sewage, fish out money, sewage still was achieved 0 discharge, this is economy and environmental protection double benefit, should convert becomes fund that is far more than 4 million. " when the factory director says.
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